This is why we are angry Nick….

Nick Clegg has told The Guardian:

“Collective bile is not a political strategy,” he said. “Labour has been enveloped by a synthetic rage about spending cuts” that he estimated were just 1.2% more a year than Labour had itself planned in unprotected departments.”

It is true that in my eyes in opposition to the current Coalition’s proposals Labour needs to develop a new economic narrative. However, that aside Clegg’s comments show breathtaking arrogance and contempt for the literally thousands of voters and now former Liberal Democrat members who have been let down by Clegg and his crew. Tellingly, he doesn’t mention the 20% rise in VAT at all nor does he mention the practical implications of these cuts. If he did he might realise where the anger stems from; him and his Party have come to power promising fairness and have, in fact, hammered the poor. It is well documented that the rise in income tax threshold combined with the impact of other measures is non-existant.

He may well be able to opine in a totally arrogant and aloof way about bile from his rather lofty vantage point around the table with 23 other millionaires. Meanwhile, the people who relied and depended on his Party suffer the brunt of his policies. In the abstract talks a cute n cuddly game because he is totally out of touch with harsh realities. As well as arrogant and aloof; Clegg is naive in the extreme:

“We will have to explain to the public over and over again that this is not driven by some ideological zeal. The idea that this is some libertarian drive to destroy the state is completely absurd.”

Obviously Mr Clegg has never listened to any Conservative speeches on issues like the ‘Big Society’ at all. This is in response to concern from his own councillors in Liverpool who are rightly opposing the disgraceful cuts in the Building Schools for Future fund. His councillors are rather closer to reality than Mr Clegg; they see the damage that is being done and rightly reject the ridiculous notion there is any social justice coming from this government. In many ways it is laudable that the Liverpool councillors wish to stay in their own party and fight from within however, to take their own logic one step further there is a time when they and people like them must tell Nick Clegg ‘no more’. If the Liberal Democratic left cannot prove itself a worthy opposition and actually fight and actually stop acting as Clegg’s very own ‘useful idiots’ then it can have no apologies for being wiped out along with the rest of the Party.We should make no apologies for being angry with Clegg and his party of sell-outs. It is nothing compared to the anger yet to come their way from the electorate.


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2 responses to “This is why we are angry Nick….”

  1. Iain says :

    I wonder how long Labour can maintain the fantasy that they had some magic wand to avoid these sorts of cuts, or indeed any clue as to what Labour would have cut instead.

    Since we know for sure Labour had, pre-election, pencilled in £44 billion of cuts, 20% across departments and were looking at raising VAT, clearly it must be something really amazing that Labour have discovered since losing – perhaps they can share the secret some time.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Well, as you may or may not know I dont buy the whole defecit debt crisis madness and think Labour should have taken a fundementally different route; arguing that we should grow our way sustainably out of the defecit.

    Looking is a key word there; I definatly dispute whether the VAT rise would have happened at all and as to the cuts well, we will never know, but I suspect they would have been more humanely targeted than this.


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