GMB position shows how the Lib Dems have destroyed reform….

According to the Independent on Sunday the GMB will campaign actively against voting reform. I am not surprised by this position and support it; it shows how the Liberal Democrat betrayal has destroyed the coalition that could have carried through reform. Hopefully other unions will follow suit. I find it bitterly ironic that Liberal Democrats complain about Labour’s recent ‘lack of principle’ following the Shadow Cabinet vote to oppose the Bill that contains the AV Referendum. Remember this is from a party led by Nick Clegg; the man who changed his mind about the deficit but conveniently forgot to tell the electorate at the time to maintain the parties leftist pose.

It is totally obvious that the Liberal Democrat leadership cares more about cutting the deficit and that Clegg, in thinking an alliance with the Conservatives would deliver reform has badly miscalculated. It may well be that this Faustian alliance will not even see the Bill pass; as many as 40 Conservative MP’s maybe ready to rebel. If the Liberal Democrat leadership had been committed to reform the only alliance they would have been considered would have been with Labour because although Conservative patronage may bring home the bill (although that’s doubtful) it is Labour voters they need to make the reform and this was always the case.

The self-same Labour voters they needed are the ones they have alienated from the cause of reform by attaching to it the price of a disgraceful 20% VAT hike and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. It maybe said that they are not related issues but the fact is that since they are the actions of the government the Liberal Democrats are part of; the one they chose to bring forward reform so they are and people can see that, this is why AV’s support is collapsing in the polls. Similarly, the Liberal Democrats are hitting new lows in the polls this morning; they have to face the reality that the 30 pieces of silver they gained from the Conservatives is rapidly turning into Fools Gold.


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