Class war by any other name….

We all know the Liberal Democrats don’t belive in class, absent as they are from social reality, and we know the Conservatives do; to the point of protecting their own with a vigorous passion. Liberal Democrats can therefore willingly and naively suspend their disbelief when the Conservatives do horrible things to the poor because as far as they are concerned they barely exist and if they do they do so as a collection of hard-luck stories which yes, deserve sympathy, but hardly go as far to necessitate radical structural change to society. Several agendas need the left to start taking back significant territory and this none more so true than the nebulous concept of ‘choice’ and ’empowerment through choice’. I, for example, am perfectly free to choose to buy a BMW but my bank balance tells a different story and it tells a fundamental truth; choice governed by the market is not a choice at all; it’s an illusion.

With this in mind we move onto David Cameron’s proposal’s for social housing. In order to duck and weave around the real issue; the affordability of homes and house prices we have this dogs breakfast of a proposal to let people ‘swap’ their social houses. In reality, the proposal to time-limit tenancies to social houses. In other words, the people in social homes who get on and who do start to make headway are to be rewarded by being potentially thrown out onto the streets. Needy people have a time-bomb placed over their heads from the start and they are actually de-motivated to get work and contribute because if they do the security in their house is threatened. Having built something for themselves; they will be forced onto the housing market and be thrown back into turbulent waters of home and job insecurity.

The simple solution to the problems of social housing which would generate jobs, enliven our economy and provide housing where it is needed; to simply get building again isn’t even considered. Maragret Thatcher was canny; she realised that to win her war she had to divide and conquer. David Cameron is stupid because rather than divide and rule he is going to unite everybody except the super-rich together in common misery.  Of course, they will probably be cast back from whence they came. You see, it all sounds very nice doesn’t it? Benefits for the needy and choice for the rest of us but the reality is that it is class war….just under another name.


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2 responses to “Class war by any other name….”

  1. mommsen says :

    Hi Darrell,

    You wrote:”We all know the Liberal Democrats don’t believe in class, absent as they are from social reality, and we know the Conservatives do”

    I guess that this is one of the best definitions of the most important political difference between the Lib Dems and the Tories.

    However, I’m not so sure whether all of the Lib Dems are really non-believers with regard to class.

    Perhaps it would be better to say that they try always hard to ignore class whenever they speak in public about politics.

    But do they also ignore class when they’re thinking and when they’re making their political decisions?

    According to my memories, the late American author Isaac Bashevis Singer (a Nobel Prize winner) once said in an interview: “If you want to find out what a person really thinks, don’t pay any attention to what he’s telling. Just look carefully at what he’s doing – that’s how you can find out what someone is really thinking.”


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Thanks for your comment. It maybe possible that some of them do believe in class but I think the parties over-arching political philosophy is one that would tend to ignore it.

    They certainly do try hard to ignore it and I would think so yes because of the guiding philosophy. This is one of the things that distinguished liberalism from socialism is it not? A class anylysis and crtique of society.

    I think what the LD’s are doing shows they dont believe in it either because they make vauge appeals to fairness while failing to address major issues of structural unfairness and even when they attempt too – like with income tax – its done in such a cack-handed way that they end up producing the opposite result of their intention.


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