Ed Miliband is right to rule out a deal with Nick Clegg….

The BBC have carried this story and Luke Boizer doesn’t like it; he accuses Ed of ‘pandering to the Party’. Let’s step-outside this debate and ask a serious question. I assume its agreed that alot of Labour fire will be concentrated on the Liberal Democrats and Clegg in particular. So, after spending five years hammering Clegg and his party for their betrayal how on earth will we maintain electoral credibility if we jump into a Coalition with the chief traitor and ex Deputy Prime Minister in a government we despise? Ed isnt pandering at all he is just talking common sense politics.

Nick Clegg made it patently clear he would not work with Gordon Brown because he would ‘lack credibility’ having lost the election. How is Clegg any different? Having lost the election as part of this government why would Clegg magically have more credibility than Brown did? We would be a joke if we went into a Coalition with Clegg-led Liberal Democrats. Therefore, Ed in saying working with Clegg would be ‘difficult’ and effectively ruling it out is just stating that which should be immediately obvious to anybody.

Does Luke seriously imagine this coalition would be approved by the Labour membership many of whom may well remember how Nick Clegg actually treated Gordon Brown and this Party in the negotiations that led to the formation of this current government. Brown and this Party were treated with utter contempt and we were effectively used as a bargaining chip for Clegg to gain more leverage over the Conservatives. Consequentially any such coalition would divide our Party down the middle and lead to a mass exodus of members. Again one imagines that Ed Miliband realises this and this is where his comments came from; those who dream of a Lib-Lab future have to recognise that dream has died and there is certainly no future for it with Nick Clegg in charge.


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8 responses to “Ed Miliband is right to rule out a deal with Nick Clegg….”

  1. Joe Otten says :

    Contempt? You sent Ed Balls to talk to us. That’s contempt.

    And you should be glad to have given us leverage over the Tories. Had you not done that they would have got a better deal. Or maybe another election and a Tory majority. When you have finished expressing your primal rage at the Lib Dems for doing the right thing and implementing many progressive policies that Labour never got round to, you might realise quite how pro-Tory you act when you ignore how much worse this government might have been without us.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    And? He was one person in a *team*. Have you really got so little to subststantively say that you have to resort to vacous personal comments?

    Your naiviety really does make me laugh. I think your comment is good though because its very instructive to any readers from the Labour Party who think there is enough common ground between our two parties to make such a deal viable. Are there Labour members silly enough to think we should ‘cuddle-up’ to the likes of this? Let’s be quite clear we have nothing in common with your Party. Try telling that to people on winter fuel allowance. Your Party not the Conservatives is the one pushing for the qualification age to be even *higher*. Your making this government much worse than it would have been.


  3. Joe Otten says :

    Darrell, don’t throw cuts at me. I blame the cuts on Labour. This government is raising taxes to fund some of Labour’s unfunded spending programmes, and you should thank us.

    But I take some comfort from your assessment. If you are anywhere near right about us, the coalition should have no difficulty lasting the full 5 years.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Lol funny isnt it how all this ‘Labour cut’s’ malarkey was absent from anything the LD’s said prior to the election. Funny how your leader decried cuts and offered the Labour govt critical support. You, and your Party, have reinvented history on a scale that would have made Stalin blush to perpetuate a big lie.

    The Coalition may well last. The Liberal Democrats wont.


  5. Sean Baker says :

    The Labour Party are so far to the right nowadays that aligning with the Tories is no worse than aligning with them. Take Trident nuclear weapons for instance: all but one of the Labour leadership candidates are determined to waste £97 billion on this project to replace Trident and pretend that the UK is still an imperial power. Despite claiming to be against cuts, Labour would have no qualms in cutting services and benefits to pay for this pointless pet project.

    At least Cameron and Osborne are forcing the Conservative right to face up to the ruinous costs of replacing Trident nuclear weapons and scale back the project.


  6. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Nice bit of ultra-leftism there. Obviously there remains a clear difference between the two parties. I agree with your strong opposition to Trident however, as you seem to ackowledge both Cameron and Osborne are cutting back purely on economic grounds. This is entirely the wrong approach and quite a worrying one; a cut-price, corner-cutting nuclear deterrant is hardly likely to be safer and better than a full-price one now is it?


  7. neilmonnery says :

    Five years is an awful long time in politics. To rule out a potential coalition in 2015 is an insane move. Who knows how the numbers will stack up after the 2015 General Election.

    No-one ever saw a full coalition between the Tories and the Lib Dems but that is what we have as the numbers and state of the financial sector really dictated that was the best way forward.

    Oh wait just seen this blog post is like six months old…Maybe opinions have since changed.


  8. darrellgoodliffe says :


    It is but I think myself and the vast majority of the Labour membership have a modicum more self-respect than to go crawling like a desperate dockside cur to a Party that has spent the past 5 years abusing them and everything they stand for and also to even consider a deal with Clegg who has betrayed his voters and this country.

    Ed’s opinions seem to have…mine havent


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