The Comedy Coalition….

Oscar Wilde famously stated “life imitates art, more than art imitates life’ and you only have to look at the current government to prove that which manages the curious double feat of being throughly repulsive and also, in parts, utterly hilarious. Indeed its so absurd sometimes all you can do is laugh. We all know government policy is a joke but when it comes to the Thick of It’s Armando Iannucci actually inspiring the government to launch its own ‘fourth sector pathfinders’ that is a bit beyond one. Speaking of the Thick of It, I am sure readers remember the hapless Hugh Abbott being confronted by an angry women during a factory visit. Nick Clegg had has own Hugh Abbott moment yesterday as detailed by Political Scrapbook:

The hapless minister is dispatched to a photo opportunity at a children’s centre, only to be harangued by parents and the local MP because the facility is being closed. The coup-de-grace comes when, retreating to his government Jaguar, he is presented with “save our home” cards created by young children.

You might expect me to mention Cameron’s foreign policy gaffes here but then again considering they have serious implications, not least making Britain look like it is led by somebody who is as clued-up as Coco the Clown, I have decided to leave that out. One other thing does deserve mention and that is James Cleverly’s, the Deputy Leader of the Conservative group in the London Assembly, assessment of Simon Hughes:

“We may be coalition partners but it doesn’t stop me thinking Simon Hughes is a dick.”

No doubt this is a thought that crosses many minds at CCHQ every time Hughes opens his mouth. Liberal Democrats (and the odd Labour member) who think he is some kind of principled hero for speaking out against the Coalition should be a bit more cynical, Hughes is speaking out for two reasons a) to ensure he is not swept away when the electorate exacts its justified vengeance on the Liberal Democrats for their betrayal and b) to position himself in a future leadership contest. This is the same Simon Hughes who on July 21st hailed the Coalition as a ‘refreshing change’ in British politics and said that the governments policies were Liberal Democrat ones. Now, it seems Simon wants a veto over his own parties policies. You really couldn’t make it up!


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