An Open Letter to Charles Kennedy…..

Dear Charles,

I know where you’re at; although the rumours of your  defection may not be true it is my belief that they are probably the product of your deep personal unhappiness about the direction the Liberal Democrats are taking as a Party. I understand; I really do. Like yourself I was appalled by Tony Blair’s invasion of Iraq and the lack of a fighting opposition within it drained me of my faith in Labour as a progressive Party. So, after a time when I became actively involved in politics again it was the Liberal Democrats who I joined. I thought, wrongly, they would while not being the Labour Party be a place where the ideals that Labour had stood for could be realised. Neither of us were alone; alot of Labour voters felt the same way. They saw in the Liberal Democrats a Party who could carry their hopes and dreams forward and they were allowed to think that because the Janus-face characterisation of the Liberal Democrats speaks to an essential truth about their opportunist political modus operandi.

Lacking a coherent central narrative they are able to effectively present themselves as they please to each different audience. The illusion could be maintained while in opposition but once in power this became somewhat harder whether that was at council or national level. What is more as you know behind the cuddly facade the Liberal Democrats while maybe not being especially nasty or undemocratic do not deserve to feel and argue they are somehow ‘better’ than the others. This claim is part of which will define the harshness of their fall and the delight that their political opponents will take in it.

Right now, you dont want to believe this is true, because you have invested alot more in the Liberal Democrats than I ever did and of course have been its leader.  However, it is and battling from within will change nothing. Your party is bound by a thousand grosser threads to loyalty it its Conservative controllers. I understand your reluctance because initially I shared it however, this should not stop you from doing what needs to be done and what is necessary.

People that are left within it are either loyalists, blinded beyond sense and reason to what is happening or like yourself unhappy prisoners in a Party they just cant bear to leave.  Leave however you defiantly should. As a party of progress the Liberal Democrats are dead and no amount of sorcery will bring them back to life. Labour politics outside of Labour however are just not the same; they are not at home and for all we swear and curse at the policy directions Labour sometimes takes to dismiss it on those grounds would be to miss the bigger picture.It’s time to come home to the Party where your politics belong; where they can find a happy home. You may not agree with every policy (I don’t) but that is not the point. It’s time you came home to Labour.

Yours Faithfully,



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2 responses to “An Open Letter to Charles Kennedy…..”

  1. Labourite says :

    So you admit Labour junks its principles to murder millions of innocent Afghans and Iraqis, but you’re somehow okay with that and can go back to the party and pretend it has a coherent narrative and all that other bollocks you use to convince yourself you’re not a fucking turncoat.

    But the Lib Dems, who opposed the Iraq war, are somehow the bad guys?

    Fuck you, Darrell Goodliffe. You have wasted your own political capital switching from party to party, ironically you are the Janus-headed one. No one in Labour will really trust you and your career within the party will not advance. Once a traitor turncoat trot, always a traitor turncoat trot.

    You have the blood of millions of innocents on your hands. It matches the red of your membership card.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Well I am guessing your name is ironic. Iraq was wrong, I continue to say so and I dont agree with those who just want to forget it though I think its a bit rich for Lib Dems to complain about injustices with their war on the poor which is presented as being somehow ‘fair’.

    Having said all that we could talk about the historical crimes of say the Liberal Party in being a part of World War 1 if we are going to play the history game which would go round in circles for ever given that at every time some party has been in governance during a war; right or wrong and I am sure the Lib Dems will get their opportunity to have their own war soon enough. Also, arent you in government with a Party that supported Iraq?


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