The whispering campaign against convenient for Coulson

I feel really sorry for William Hague; politics aside it is right at some time to rise above the fray and offer some human solidarity. What must make it all so much worse is knowing that almost for certain the originators of this story are not outside influences but probably a person who is close too him; who he speaks to every day and outwardly pretends to be a loyal colleague. The knives are defiantly out for Hague but the timing suggests less a personal vendetta and more a smokescreen. Next Left has a fascinating post chronicling the saga, suggesting the whole sorry affair is a part of a ‘get Hague’ plot and might be part of an attempt to clear the field of potential leadership challengers to David Cameron.

It is legitimate to question whether Hague’s personal statement was wise although you could not help but feel warmth towards the man. Maybe it did fan the flames and that was unwise but the fundamental point, that Hague is the victim of a nasty personal attack, remains the same. Although the ‘thinning the field’ explanation sounds plausible I think the real explanation may well be more mundane because the timing is great news for Andy Coulson. Coulson is either incompetent or corrupt and no other explanation exists for his role in the phonetapping affair; both of these explanations mean he should be removed from his post but miraculously, he remains with David Cameron’s full confidence.

This is made all the more possible by the lack of proper media scrutiny; some of it no doubt purchased at the now infamous Downing Street ear-bending of the BBC’s Director General, but the rest of it has been assured by the coverage of the Hague affair. Not only is Coulson in a prime position to make this a story but he presumably would have been able to ensure its continuation through advising Hague to go ahead with the personal statement. It’s pretty fair to say that no Conservative MP/potential leader is really benefitting much from it but Coulson, in being able to deflect attention from his own problems, clearly is; and to think the Conservatives used to snipe at Labour spin….


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