The Coulson Circus…

Having (possibly) smeared a close colleague to save his own hide, Andy Coulson found himself centre stage today as Theresa May stepped-up to bat in his defence. Tom Watson reeled off the list of accusations and May, deciding discretion is the better part of valour, bravely ignored just about everything he said. Meanwhile, behaving much like a paranoid tortoise with a particularly acute victim complex the Conservative supporting sites have been in full-flame against the ‘lefty press’ and ‘cynical’ Labour. Liberal Democrats, meanwhile, are being a bit more circumspect particularly those who were on Coulson’s hit-list.

Let’s be quite crystal clear, an editor who allegedly didn’t know several of his senior reporters were busy tapping people phones is one of two things; a) a complete and utter ignorant idiot who is unfit to hold high public office or b) a liar who did know; is therefore a criminal and, consequentially, unfit to hold high public office. Either way, Coulson has to go and it really is as simple as that, unless you’re a paranoid Conservative who thinks its part of a grand public conspiracy. Coulson’s defenders have to reconcile themselves to the fact they are defending either a or b; by a considerable margin I would prefer to be defending a but then again that might make me feel a bit idiotic.

Apparently, according to Tim Montgomerie, we are supposed to forgive Coulson who:

did do the honourable thing at the time and resigned as editor of the paper.

Hang-on. This person who was completely innocent of any wrongdoing resigned his job in any case? Something doesn’t really add-up does it? Had Coulson faded into nothingness I am sure nobody would be mentioning this again but he is the Head of Communications for a government that allegedly represents a ‘New Politics’ [sic]. Some ‘new politics’ this has turned out to be….


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2 responses to “The Coulson Circus…”

  1. DerekGoodliffe says :

    I agree, Coulson is unfit to hold high public office, do we realy belive he did not know what was going on !


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :



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