A vote for change…but this is the beginning not the end….

In true soap-opera style this is the second of two blog posts covering the two different possible endings to the Labour Leadership Contest. In this one, the young pretender has snatched the throne. Given how the contest was conducted by the both the leading campaigns this is one thing; a clear signal by the Labour Party and wider movement it wants change and it wants it now. It has realised that strategies and policies that won it three elections are no longer electorally successful. The electorate is weary of being ‘triangulated’ and especially those disillusioned with the Liberal Democrats want a clear and concise statement of what we stand for and want a Labour Party that is the champion of value-driven politics and policies.

The party is over for the likes of Lord Mandelson and other senior Blairites who risked everything in the manner in which they opposed Ed Miliband. They are gone and their influence is too; the people have spoken and they wont need to be consulted again. Ed now has a mandate for sweeping change both of internal party politics and our policies. I don’t expect change will be as dramatic as the Fox News esq attacks on ‘Red Ed’ would lead us to believe. However, these things often develop according to their own logic and momentum and whatever else it does this result should give those calling for change; fighting for a Labour Party which is as it should be should move forward with more self-confidence than we would have had if David had won.

At the end of the other post I said regardless of the result; now is our time and this applies with especial force with the victory of Ed Miliband. He will be expected to use the mandate he now has to effect the changes we need; the unions will rightly expect to no longer face hostility and distrust from the leadership of the party and the same applies to the members who need empowerment too. However, it would be a mistake to let a satisfactory result lull us into a false sense of security. This is the beginning not the end…..


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