BoJo is ignorant and indignant all at the same time….

This is not a nice government. This is not a responsible government. This is, and here Ed Miliband should take note, not a government that is going to feel its bound by Queensberry Rules. It’s a government that will ruin the lives of a significant number of people in this country and it will stop at nothing to do what it sets out to do. Philip Hammond, Transport Secretary, exposed the worrying nature of the precedent that Ed set by intervening in the BBC strike today by calling him out at the Conservative Party conference:

“Just as Ed Miliband has failed to spell out how he would tackle our huge budget deficit, he is also failing to come clean on what he thinks about these hugely disruptive and pointless tube strikes.

“Now he must answer two questions: does he condemn these pointless strikes that are causing disruption to Londoners, and will he encourage underground workers to cross picket lines and keep our capital city moving?”

We might well ask Mr Hammond why the Conservative Mayor of London has failed to negotiate with the RMT and TSSA. Surely its only responsible to see negotiation and compromise as responsible behaviour? Far from ‘reaching out’, BoJo was in fact fanning the flames of riot and discontent in the pages of the Daily Telegraph and at the Conservative conference.  Laughably, he thinks that workers should only be allowed to go on strike if half of the unions members have voted in a ballot for strike action. If we were to apply the same standard universally then a government would never be elected in this country (and Mr Cameron would certainly not be Prime Minister); a fair number of MP’s and councillors would not either. Council by-elections, where turnout rarely reaches the giddy heights of being in the 20s in percentage terms, would be pointless. Fuming at how it can’t be right that strikes are called by a majority of those who turned out, Mr Johnson shows how ignorant he is of how democracy functions in this country. How somebody who is ignorant of the basics like he is can still legitimately lay claim to  indignation is beyond me. Incidentally, one of the most amazing things is that those proud defenders of civil liberties, the Liberal Democrats, don’t apply the same standards when it comes to the democratic right to strike.

Battle-lines are being drawn which will divide this government from the majority of the country and they wont be just across picket-lines but protecting the picket-line from a further government onslaught will be one of the fronts which the fight comes too.


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