‘Rodentgate’ was a witch hunt started by hypocrites…

I have seen some abject rubbish elevated into an ‘issue’ and a ‘story’ but, currently, cannot think of anything to take the prize off of the Harriet Harman – Danny Alexander ‘ginger rodent’ story. In the Twitterverse the level of ‘wounded feeling’ on display from Conservative and Liberal Democrat tweeters simply beggars belief. The jibes at Eric Pickles about his weight made my both David Cameron and Nick Clegg are ‘good natured joshing’ we are told. It’s a shame that at least on one occasion I distinctly remember the face of Pickles looking pained as Cameron made his equally painful attempt to be funny. I cant help but feel that there is a smidge of sexism here too; it’s all just good laddish banter we are told; something Harman, as a woman is obviously incapable of and unwelcome to engage in.

Harman we are told should be more responsible as equalities minister. Considering this government has a Equalities Minister somebody whose private views obviously border on the homophobic I find it truly laughable that the Coalitions partisans can take this line and keep a straight face. Ms Theresa May stood firm against the repeal of Section 28 which in my eyes makes her totally unsuitable for her post yet nothing was said. Harriet Harman makes a throwaway remark and all hell breaks loose.

Finally, this government,  from the Prime Minister himself downwards, has made a number of serious allegations about people on benefits ‘scrounging’ using figures which have no basis in fact. All of this and no comment from these valiant people, these rank hypocrites. Most disappointing of all was the number of Labour Party comrades who caved-in straight away to this ridiculous witch-hunting, clamouring for Harman to apologise. They folded like a cheap accordion. Some (some have, and to them I say sorry, at least your being consistent) of these comrades have not been so vocal attacking the likes of Osborne for the kind-of remarks mentioned above. Sometimes pulling rank is the right response and it was this time.

Laughably, I saw the whole episode compared to ‘Bigotgate’; the difference being that behind ‘Bigotgate’ was a serious political issue. No such comparison can be made with this piece of carefully constructed theatre; constructed we might note by the media and our opponents. With regard to our attitude to the former it is time we displayed some backbone as we should have done throughout this entire affair. It’s pathetic to watch the opposition bend  like a reed in the wind; I feel sorry for Harman, she was the victim of a witch hunt started by complete and utter hypocrites and the support she received from her own Party comrades was severely lacking.


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