Lord Young; forced out by Cameron for telling us the truth…

In some ways I feel sorry for Lord Young because although he was clearly misguided in his remarks they are more a Freudian slip than an offensive remark. Some people have had an amazingly good time during the economic misery of the past few years. Look at bankers whose bonus bonanza has continued apace; untouched by the ill-economic wind. The banks are still dishing out an eye-watering £7 billion a year in bonuses. The recession that they caused has passed these people-by; no doubt when Young made his now infamous remarks they nodded their heads. Given the massive figures the state; ie, us have given the banks is this the people Young meant who ‘think the state should provide them with a living’?

Of course not, Young means by that not greedy bankers but the ‘undeserving poor’ and these remarks are telling because in them he sounds no different to Iain Duncan Smith,  George Osborne, David Cameron or any other person within the government you care to name. Young was part of a government that wanted this crisis and governs on behalf solely of those that engineered the moral panic in the press that paved the way for its cuts. Cameron cant admit it and he cant have people saying it in public but for the government this recession is exactly what they wanted. A government of the rich; for the rich and against the poor is exactly what this government is. It is ‘out of touch’ with the poor whose suffering it can never know, with people who work for a hard-earned days pay but still scrape the bottom of the barrel and those who are somewhere in-between the bottom and the top because it doesn’t care in the first place to be ‘in touch’ with them.

This will be uncontroversial claim for many of my readers against the Conservatives but the same is also true of Nick Clegg. Even before this government was a glint in his eye he told the Liberal Democrat conference in 2009 that ‘savage cuts’ would be needed:

Bold and even “savage” cuts in government spending will be necessary to bring the public deficit down after the next election, Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader, says today.

Young has done nothing more than tell us the truth about who this government represents and what it thinks and feels in private and while it is easy to condemn him for that I think that would be also missing who the real culprits are; ie, Clegg and Cameron and this class war government. No wonder Cameron hung him out to dry, lacking even the courage to dismiss him outright; the last thing he needs is for the people of this country to hear the truth.


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