Opposing this government of hypocritical ‘democrats’ consistently….

So far so good from Unite’s new General Secretary who is starting to impress; though of course I reserve the right to cynicism. His most recent comments have offended many in the ranks of this government, especially his call for mass protests to bring this government down. If you will ignore the swearing (a rare occurrence) I would say this government is the ba****d child of broken promises and has no democratic legitimacy what so ever.

Len is therefore right when he says:

“What you have here is a Government which does not have a mandate.”

When I make this point I am swamped by Conservative and Liberal Democrat tweeters who cry foul. However, Conservatives would do well to remember this Party Political Broadcast from during the election campaign.  It purports to be on behalf of the ‘Hung Parliament Party’ and warns us that this Party will bring in ‘behind closed doors politics’ and that things will be decided by politicians more ‘interested in their careers than the country’ Any of that sound familiar Nick Clegg?

Seriously though, Conservatives routinely criticise full-blown proportional representation on the grounds it produces ‘undemocratic’ coalitions. They are right which makes their defence of this government even more hypocritical.  As for the Liberal Democrats, well they don’t support PR anymore and the day after they became the party of kettling school children and one wonders how they have the sheer brass neck to claim their ‘democratic’ credentials have been injured. This government is about to legislate through a fixed-term with a super majority buffer and gerrymandered constituency boundaries. Meanwhile it is attacking our most poor and marginalised; those with the least voice in society whose lives are being decimated so it would not surprise me in the slightest to see more and more people moving beyond the narrow confines of electoral democracy. If it does it will have my full support against the Coalition of hypocritical ‘democrats’.

Len McCluskey was not attacking democracy; far from it, he was defending those who the hypocrisy and lies of the governing elite have failed and who are being pushed further and further by their attacks. You cannot, consistently, claim this government has any kind of democratic mandate and if people in struggle seize back their democracy from the people who have hijacked it they deserve support not condemnation and smear.


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