Dear Baroness Warsi…..

Below is the letter that Ed Miliband should send to Baroness Warsi in reply to her criticism of John McDonnell

Dear Baroness Warsi,

Thank you for your recent letter and your seemingly endless and intimate concerns with the internal affairs of another political party. If you are not writing to me about the conduct of my MP’s then you usually find something to moan at the trade unions about. Is being the Chairman of the Conservatives really that boring?

I would wonder where you find the time but then again I am sure you have plenty spare as an unelected peer. After all, most of the members of the House of Lords seem to regard its benches as less a place for serious legislative contemplation and more as some kind of alternative to finding a proper bed.

I do wonder why, given your position, you seem to think yourself something of authority on democratic and governmental spirit and ethics. Were you elected anywhere? Who do you represent, except perhaps Andy Coulson? You would think the answer to those questions would lead to something approaching a humble silence when it comes to public comment; alas, the reverse is true and you seem to suffer from a severe case of verbal diarrhoea. I would implore you for the good of the nation to cease and desist. Please. Just. Stop. Now. As an aside also please never intimate we “share” anything again either.

In answer to your specific points I note you play footloose and fancy free with the facts (something Coulson must have taught you). Mr McDonnell never mentioned supporting ‘riots’; he did however support direct action including occupations and protests which, as I am sure any Oxford English Dictionary will advise you, are subtly different things. I would be tempted to go into detail here but I really cant be bothered; I really do despair of the quality of education our young people get nowadays and you are hardly a shining example of a good one if you can’t understand the basic meaning of words. Still, maybe you will raise the hopes of those who can’t afford a proper education now because of your governments proposals that maybe they can still be life peers one day. I must be confused because I thought the ‘big society’ was all about people taking direct action to improve their own lives which is exactly what Mr McDonnell was arguing in favour of; do you not remember David saying this?

It’s about enabling and encouraging people to come together to solve their problems and make life better.

You, David, Nick and this government are the problem for the vast majority of this country that needs solving. I also find it odd that somebody who is ‘concerned about vandalism and riots’ is part of a government that is, behind the scenes, vandalising our democracy and doing its best to ensure its own power through the gerrymandering of constituency boundaries and ‘fixed term parliaments’ designed to ensure that the people can only hold their government to account by taking to the streets.

I will be taking no action against Mr McDonnell. Obviously his comments scare you so much that you feel the need to bore me with pointless, inane letters. This says something in itself; it tells me you have no answer for his politics and if I may say so is a sadly a-typical of your ignorant interventions into the national discourse. Finally, I would also ask you to tell Andy that my phone makes mysterious crackling noises and I am onto him. Please do not write to me ever again and dispatch yourself well beyond infinity as soon as humanly possible.

Best Wishes,

The Rt Hon Ed Miliband


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