Dan Hodges and Tom Harris spit on the future….while Johnson snipes….

When it wasnt the usual Saturday afternoon football chatter; disparaging rants by leading Blairites like Tom Harris MP and Dan Hodges against the UK Uncut protests filled my Twitterstream. Meanwhile, political news is dominated once again by the musings of our most disloyal Shadow Chancellor who is now the titular leader of the Party as appointed by the Blairite Party within a Party.

UK Uncut and the student movement are the harbingers of the future. This is literally and metaphorically true due to the age of the participants; a whole generation is growing up schooled in direct action. It isnt bound by conventional forms and they will carry this with them. No wonder it scares the likes of Hodges and Harris to see people empowering themselves. They rely on keeping things within boundaries which enables them to establish and maintain control and have no time for democracy as they have shown in their graceless attempts to undermine the democratically victorious leadership.

Johnson is giving a masterclass in this as the Blairite rump use the media to full effect; relying on it and their disproportionate weight within the PLP to control and imprison our leadership. Labour is rumbling towards civil war with the Blarites determined to do everything and anything to maintain their dead hand of conservative control. The leadership currently is looking on rather hopelessly as the crisis deepens; at whose centre is the schism between the PLP and the rest of the Party and the movement.  It needs to shake off its sloth and start taking some action. How many times can a leading member of the Shadow Cabinet get away with behaving like Johnson?

Despite its vim and vigour; UK Uncut lacks something in political direction. Its energy and determination will not sustain it alone. We need to win a clear argument over its political direction and we need to win these radicalised activists into Labour. They could well decisively tip the scales against the Blairites and I am sure Hodges and Harris know this. They are relying on seperating the Party and movement.  This direction cannot be imposed on the movement but must be fought for within it in a comradely and supportive spirit. When Hodges and Harris spit on this movement, they are spitting on the future which is unsurprising because they are the past.


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22 responses to “Dan Hodges and Tom Harris spit on the future….while Johnson snipes….”

  1. John Reid says :

    God darrell, your agaisnt anything nu labour even if it includes people who surrounds themsleves with those who commit criminal damage, don’t you realsie how amny votes this loses labour, it like miltant all over again


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Yes I am. Really, bringing your Daily Mail like fabrications and lies to this blog about this movement wont wash. It certainly wont wash with the thousands of Labour activists who are taking part in this movement and seeing the truth for themselves. Your not really following the polls are you? Last time I looked we were around 40%. Not very in tune with what the country wants either. They are sick and tired of the rubbish this government is forcing on them and yes, they are fighting back. So what?

    No, the only people who are acting like Militant are the likes of Alan Johnson; the people who cant live with democracy and try to subvert it at every turn. The Blairites are the new Militant Tendency; not the left.


  3. John Reid says :

    So Alan Johnson doesn’t agree 100% with what Ed’s saying, Ed didn’t agree with Gordon on the third runway,a sfor saying i’m daily mail are you little red book of china, And as for us bieng 40% int he polls I can remember us being 465 inthe polls in jan 81, Oct 90 or 40% in the polls october 1986, and when I went and campaigned for labour a few months later at the general election we were massacred again,Look at Bill rogers of the SDP he was deselected by miltant in 1981 and left he party soon after taking 4millon votes with him,Militant saw labour as a better way of pushing their view so they joined labour and tried to silence those who didn’t agree by sometimes enocuraging breakinghte law and saying it was those who were agaisnt htem who were the violent ones, I thin you#ll find you joining the party earlier inthe year ,trying to swing us leftwards and supporting the students attackinghte police is more like militant.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    The difference being that Ed didn’t feel the need to try and bounce Gordon around by giving critical interviews to the press. I will concede that the polls are volatile and things can change. This isnt the 1980s you know…I know its been said in jest that its got some of the familiar features but history doesnt work like that. Ha! Try giving your little speech to the student currently in hospital with serious brain injuries from a police baton. I think this is a two way street and the police are breaking the law too….


  5. John Reid says :

    I will give my speech to the student, if you give your speech to Keith blakelocks widow


  6. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I dont think it will listen so I think that’s a a pretty pointless exercise don’t you?


  7. John Reid says :

    Yes the polcei do break the law, Ali Dazie is in prison as is the copper who left the police dog to die of thirst in the back of the police car, as is the 2 p.c.s who knocked over people sppeding without their sirens on, difference is when labour previously said trhe miners who killed the taxi driver were acting in self defence or the GLC backed Sinn fein IRA murderous leader Gerry adams, or Martin muguiness, vewrty few people in labour criticsied it, yes this isn’t the 80’s, thankfully, but saying oyu don’t agree with courts verdicts when the pocei are accused of breaking the law and then cleared without stating the full facts of why they have been cleared, encourages the myth that the police are breaking hte law and getting away with it, that leads to vilcence agaisnt he poilce ,them haivng to retalaite and the loony left jusifying violence agasint the police as as self defence, it also leads to labour losing millions of votes


  8. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I’m glad you recognise that. Im not going to get into a discussion on SF which is hardly relevant. I will however say thankfully Tony Blair didnt share your immature condemnation of them because if he did would we ever have had a peace process in NI? Probably not.

    The police do break the law and have a better than even chance of getting away with it because they also happen to be the people who enforce it. Who wouldn’t be violent when they were being run down by police horses; assaulted with batons, dragged out of wheelchairs? Some of the violence we have seen in that context clearly is self defence; some of it isnt but some of it is. Context matters and you cant divorce your argument from it and expect to be consistent now can you. I think what might also ‘lose votes’ is supporting brutal acts of violence and aggression by agents of the state against children.


  9. John Reid says :

    ,the reason there was peace in NI was SinnFein/I.R.A new htey had lost and had to settle on notgetting an united Ireland but HAve the DUP as rthe biggerst party that ran N.I.the Theres no proof that polcie used violence agiasnt dragging children out of wheel chairs, as for losing labour votes, lets get this straight, Lsbour swung towards the left in 83 we lost according to Tony Benn as it was’nt left wing enough ,but ‘heh’ this isn’t the 80’s so if we swing leftwartds now, just because we swung left in ’83 and had our worse ever result it does’nt mean if we swing leftwards now we won’t lose badly either.


  10. John Reid says :

    I think what might also ‘lose votes’ is supporting brutal acts of violence and aggression by agents of the state ..when It comes to losing votes
    after the Boradwater Farm riot and the death of a policeman ,bernie Grant said it was abloody good hiding for the police ,According to Philip Gould (Neil Kinnocks head of staff )Grants comments cost the Labour part close to 1 and a half million votes


  11. darrellgoodliffe says :


    That is a very one-sided telling of history. The reason they had to be addressed because although, and I want to make this clear, some of their actions were utterly deplorable they had a substantial social base and in reality spoke to the legitimate grievance of the Catholic community in Northern Ireland. They haven’t lost at all; in fact, a united Ireland is just around the corner I think.

    Have we done the time warp? This is 2010 and the reality is people are sick and tired of this wretched system. They are sick of paying the price for the reckless greed of finance capital and as time progresses and resistance to the draconian and anti-democratic cut backs grows they will want answers as to how we can build a Britain that offers so much better. I think you will find, if the police are not quickly brought to heel, the first death this time will be on the other side….we will see what you say then. No doubt you will carry on blaming the protesters regardless of the facts.


  12. John Reid says :

    the daeth will be on the other side, do you mean the police or protesters, as Ian tomlinson had a heart attack and otherrecent deaths like Harry stanley were deemed lawful killing , if those situations happened i wouldn’t blame the police,I see P.C berthrand blinded by Raoul moat isn’t bitter about being blinded and two p.c.s arein hospital tonight after being stabbed, remeber it was only the Tories who got another landslide after Broadwater farm, where the public had sympathy for black peopke at the time of the 81 sus laws by 1985, White britain was prepared to see the police goto extraudnary lengths to see people convicted of arson ,many of whom didn’t have rights to solicitots when the confessed to throwing petrol bomnbs at the riot, white britain was also prepared to see an 18 month heavy police prescence of the farm and turned their back on the locals who felt they were being poorly treated ,the Daily Mail also had the headline after the riot ‘black people have got to stop rape murder, rioting and mugging or they are going to result in the sort of paramilitary retaliation not known on maianland Briatain,
    as for a unied Ireland theres lots more protestants than Catholics and even if the catholics out breed the protestants lots of t hem *(the ones who support the SDLP)the N.I equivalalnt of the labour party don’t want an united Ireland either, i know the facts that happened at the protest, like the lies that Jody mckintyre was beaten up. if a p.c is seriously injured that’ll be it there’ll be water cannons from now onwards


  13. darrellgoodliffe says :


    The protesters. I dont think the people of this country will be that happy at all to see the police go to these lengths because they can see the brutality, aggression and lack of justice in their actions which are disproportionate and unacceptable.

    I think what the SDLP want may become inimical because it simply makes sense. The separation of Ireland makes no rational sense whatsoever unless you happen to share the paranoia of the British-Irish population. Of course, there should be proper guarantees for these people and their rights but a united Ireland will probably be achieved by Sinn Fein doing exceedingly well in the south of Ireland at the next elections. I dont think your right; water cannons have not been permitted by the Home Secretary and therefore if they are used will themselves be illegal. Nonetheless your probably right, police state here we come….what great days for democracy (sarcasm)…


  14. John Reid says :

    similar the expendes scandal has resulted in us keeping hte freedom of information act. On the news I was reminded of the Merdith Kercher case where the suspects were held by polcie without even boeng to ld why let alone charged,hardly a Poice state here
    I saw on GMTV this morning that they were vcalling for the polce to be armed ,(which I don’t think will happen)so I think the public would be against more police protection


  15. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Im glad if they do end up keeping the HRA. The police already are armed…im not sure how the public would feel about them being furthermore so, hopefully against…


  16. John Ried says :

    the public seem to want them to be armed of GMTV is to go by,but the majority of the public want the death penalty back, so thats not soemthing to go by,yes 1% of the Met police are armed, apart from Ireland and New zealand we are the only Conutry in ht e world not to have an armed polce and no disreespect to New Zealand they don’t have Mossides,Stonebridge estates, Hackey murder miles etc,


  17. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Yes because the way to stop people killing each other is to give more people guns…..I really dont know why I didnt think of that….


  18. John Reid says :

    actuallyif the police had been given guns at Broadwater farm,it would have stopped a P.C being decapitated


  19. darrellgoodliffe says :

    But then again when they do have guns they tend to also kill innocent people like De Menzes…


  20. John Reid says :

    whos tragic death happened after 56 people were blown up previous day and poor JCM was mistaken for one of the terrorists, the murder of the P.C at the riot was a sheer act of evil and the head of tottenham police who had let the farm run into anarchy in the months before and sent the riot police,and the armed police home that day and then sent the bobbies in,should have been prosecuted under the 1980’s equivalant law of corporate manslaughter at that time.


  21. darrellgoodliffe says :

    None of which excuses what happened…incidentally, his death was whitewashed and the police absolved of all responsibility….maybe he should have been but this is an example of the problem being lack of accountability surely?


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