The spy who….worked for the Lib Dems?

One cant help but wonder if the ten plagues of Egypt are just around the corner from Cowley Street just waiting to inflict themselves on its hapless inhabitants. I have to admit the idea of an invasion of the Liberal Democrat headquarters by a posse of angry locusts is quite amusing. Seriously though the story of the Mike Hancock’s researcher being targeted as a potential spy is pretty fantastical. Its not the fact that espionage goes on and that Russia would attempt to infiltrate the House of Commons that is absurd.

What beggars belief (and makes the charge a little surreal) is the notion that they would target Mike Hancock who is hardly likely to be privy to juicy state secrets and therefore doesn’t strike me as a particularly high-value target. Sadly, I don’t doubt some Lib Dems are secretly very happy indeed about this story because to their rather size-limited minds it will be seen as proof positive that they are now a serious Party of government and not Cameron’s puppets.

Lib Dem offices up and down the land could be small threads in a grand web of intrigue and mystery. Back in reality however I don’t see this as an attempt to tarnish Hancock personally. It seems to me there are plenty of other ways available to do that should it be found to be necessary. In fact, he looks a bit like a Bond villain himself. What I see it as is actually part of the borderline-psychotic response of our ruling elites to the Wikileaks releases. It’s truly something to behold the abject panic that the Wikileaks are causing in ruling circles. We can safely assume from this that there is plenty that is very damaging indeed that they are currently very busy indeed consigning to the shredder. They look as guilty as a doe-eyed puppy standing next to a very smelly object.

Its however perhaps even possible the researcher in question is a spy; in which case she should probably be deported for, well, being a bit rubbish and picking Hancock as her all-access pass to our state secrets. The way to end these little episodes is not to tighten ‘vetting procedures’ as has been suggested but to start practising what every party preaches about open government and governments speaking the truth unto their own people.


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