A perfect storm is brewing and it will bring this government down…..

Vince Cable, once a man of vision, displayed how myopic he has become when he told BBC News that the government had “survived” the vote on tuition fees. How wrong he is, to mistake the beginning of something for the end, to think the government ‘victory’ is the end of the battle. His party is divided and nose-diving in the polls. Its totally discredited, and even the Conservatives are fracturing. Fear and mistrust stalk the halls of Westminster like, well, two stalky things. Its quite clear that at any given opportunity the Conservative right-wing will move at the appropriate time, as discontent spreads across the country, to rid themselves of the bothersome and unreliable Liberal Democrats.

All the factors point to a major showdown between the people and this government. Its lack of mandate for what it is doing, the sense of betrayal and hurt, the dissafection are all gathering like dark clouds over the government and will break it. This is especially true as it is sabortaging democracy in its favour and the only way people can remove it will be to take to the streets. When democracy is being gerrymandered, when the government is legislating cosy fixed-term parliaments for itself, what other choice do people have? This is what we are seeing on the streets of London, the failure of democracy, the failure of ‘democratic’ politicians to honour their word which is fanning the flames of riot and discontent and it is they that are responsible.

Look at what is happening to Wikileaks. Once again the authoritarian centre is creating chaos by its acts of vandalism against values and systems it purports to defend. I applaud those who have taken direct action in support of Wikileaks today and those companies who have lost their website have only themselves to blame. Like government ministers who break their word and in doing so vandalise our democracy; discrediting it, and who then make hypocritical noises about smashed windows, they are responsible for the storm that is gathering. Every window that is smashed is on their heads, and, just for the record, anybody has the perfect right to enter and occupy government buildings because they belong to us, not them.

This spreads even to the media which only reflects one point of view; which talks up ‘attacks’ (a pejorative word) against a Royal car (which we paid for, incidentally) but has nothing to say about police brutality. All the by-lines on BBC News were based on statements from the police; nothing was put out to challenge this point of view. No mentions of the fact that the number of protesters injured is currently double that of police injured. In its bias, the media is also failing democracy as much as the Liberal Democrat ministers who traded so easily their principles for power. Making a difference? They sure did today but not the right one.

This government is rotten; its one saving grace is that it will be the spark that ignites the flame of democratic revolt up and down this country which will bring it down. The Britain that emerges from the ashes of fires started by Cameron and especially Clegg will be a much changed place. A stronger place, where governments have a healthy dose of fear about the horrific consequences of betraying the people who voted it in and where they no longer take people for granted, treating them as electoral doormats. I look forward to its emergence and urge Labour, as the peoples party, to be part of building that new Britain.


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2 responses to “A perfect storm is brewing and it will bring this government down…..”

  1. DerekGoodliffe says :

    I also watched the live coverage on Sky News,they also seemed only to report injurys to the Police, typical of the media, i agree with You, this government is rotten to the core, and what do they expect, there will surely be more demo,s by the students,and i do now hope that it will spread to other walks of life, as i firmly belive we all need to be sending this government a clear message that they are not on,and we want them out !!!


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :

    They did indeed….there will be and not just the students too….totally agree, now is the time to get them out


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