Trains, planes and love bombs….

I apologise in advance for the lack of planes because I couldn’t think of a way to work them into a post in which I wanted to cover two separate issues. Maybe they can drop the love bombs. In any case, two things….

1) High Speed Rail

What on earth is the leadership thinking in signalling hostility to this? It’s not perfect by far and its something of a sticking plaster when so much more is needed to build our rail network up but in general I cannot see why we should be opposing this project. We complain of a ‘jobless recovery’ yet attack a project that would create jobs and help impoverished economies.

I happen to know that there has been alot of effort put into this project by MP’s in Leeds, especially Labour MP’s. I am sure the same is true of Labour MP’s in other areas that would benefit from this project. Now the leadership has decided to show its utter contempt for those efforts with this unthinking; knee-jerk position. Sadly this shows the limits of the ‘just say NO’ approach.

2) Our attitude towards the Liberal Democrats….

Today has been ‘go down on bended knees and beg for the Liberal Democrats to join us’ day.  This is all great as long as ‘making Labour a home for Liberal Democrats’ is not the latest leadership catchphrase which really means ‘move us to the right’. If it means appealing to the Liberal Democrats by adopting b things like a citizens income as our policy then that’s great. Sadly, I dont think that will be the case.

Personally, I would like to see a much more pointed appeal to them to join the opposition to this government in whichever way they see fit. If they are discontented then good for them. They should show it and clearly break with their leadership and the government and identify themselves with the opposition. Sometimes politics is really black and white and that’s how things are now. You either stand with this government or you don’t; if you don’t then your welcome to organise under whatever banner you see fit.

Of course, if you want to join Labour then that’s great but if you don’t that’s ok too.  This approach means we can all take part while retaining our separate identities which the horrible tribal in me sees as a sensible way to go about things.


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