Lib Dems in Oldham are polls apart from reality…..

The Deputy Director of Campaigns for the Liberal Democrats in the North and seeming Oldham stalwart, Dave McCobb obviously gets his opinion polls mixed up quite easily. His latest email includes this howler:

The latest opinion poll for the Mail on Sunday showed there was just 1% between us and Labour.

Actually, the ICM poll in the Mail on Sunday has Labour 17% ahead of the Liberal Democrats. The only poll to show the small gap given is the Survation one which has several problems; not least a very small sampling size (just 225 people took part) and high rejection rate (47%). Incidentally, as far as I know this has led to the Survation poll not being actively taken-on by any of the heavyweight newspapers. Really, we know things must be getting desperate at Lib Dem HQ but a) you should perhaps clean your email lists a bit more assiduously (been a Labour member for over a year now) and b) before you go mouthing off about ‘Labour lies’ you should get your own facts straight….


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4 responses to “Lib Dems in Oldham are polls apart from reality…..”

  1. Laurence Goff says :

    We not all in it together” Nick Clegg lives in £1.3million mansion in Putney


  2. Laurence Goff says :

    We are not all in these together tax the high earners, I like many are on the National minimum wage, tax high earners


  3. Laurence Goff says :

    We are not in these together Stop letting banks “off the hook” If these government were to repeat last year’s tax – which raised £3.5bn


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Totally agree. No disagreement from me on those points! I do however, think the government should go much further in taxing the banks than last years tax.


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