Brian Coleman shows why we must reform trade union laws…..

Partners in crime....

Words simply do not exist to describe the truly loathsome nature of Brian Coleman, Boris Johnson and his coterie of hateful imps parading through London under the assumed name of the London Conservative Party. Coleman will be directly responsible should the London Fire Authority decide, as is being widely reported, to sack all of London’s 5,500 fire fighters. However, the inspiration and support for his class war attack on the unions comes direct from the Mayor’s Office. Boris Johnson has presided over a cataclysmic degeneration in industrial relations in the capital which boils down to his ‘my way or the highway’ approach to negotiations.  If Coleman goes ahead with his action than Labour should on a national level stop sitting on the fence and start supporting the people it supposedly exists to represent.

Ed Miliband bears a share of the blame for what is unfolding in London; the Labour leaders now trademark equivocation has left London’s firefighters out on a limb.  If he had shown courage and tenacity and offered the firefighters his support then he would have dramatically reduced Coleman and Johnson’s room for manoeuvre and exerted a great pressure on them to negotiate responsibly. He should reflect on the price of weakness come Thursday, a price he is probably to pay because it costs him nothing. If, however, he is feeling justifiably guilty then there is something he can do above and beyond supporting the sacked. He can and should promise an immediate review of all legislation affecting trade unions and an immediate repeal of those aspects which, frankly speaking, are an affront to democracy.

Brain Coleman is ably aided and abetted not just by his fellow Conservatives but by the law which allows this action to be conducted perfectly legally. It’s been great to see the Labour Twittersphere show its support to those under threat but we have to be prepared to follow our support to its logical conclusion which is to tear down allot of the legislation governing industrial disputes.

When John McDonnell tried to raise this issue the majority of the PLP mysteriously absented itself which speaks volumes about it sadly. This issue bears raising again however, because it cuts to the quick of a fundamental issue. For the right, freedom and democracy is for markets and things but for the left it should be for people. The freedom to defend yourself against such blatant injustices is one that all people should enjoy and is a pretty basic one; Labour should ensure this situation can never occur again and the only way to do this is a bonfire of the anti-union laws.


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6 responses to “Brian Coleman shows why we must reform trade union laws…..”

  1. Robert says :

    The problem is New labour is still in charge, it’s going to take a long time for labour to change maybe twenty or so years out of power might do it.

    People around me are looking at New labour as a second Tory party, the Liberal as basically a party to be bought.

    This month labour has been knocking on doors and are having great difficulty explaining to people about welfare reforms, why we still have no NHS dentist, why benefits are so low, why they are being told they will not have JSA after two years when 33% of people in my area are out of work for longer then two years, this week my job center had sixteen jobs with 15,000 people unemployed with 12,000 on long term sickness, my area was a large coaling mining and steel working area.

    People want to know whats the difference between Labour and the Tories, and the answer is not a hell of a lot really.

    Miliband is not the man people hoped he is New labour like it or not


  2. John reid says :

    Interseting you think it’ll take 20 year for the left to take over the party again, theres some up and coming stars like SAM tARRY ,BUT ALSO ON THE RIGHT PEOPLE LIKE wES sTREETING


  3. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Id be loathed to wish for 20 years out of power especially with this current shower. For all its sins you can still feel *some* difference between when the two parties are in power.

    I think, besides, that taking power might well have a more radicalising effect this time around because of the financial crisis. I think an Ed Miliband administration could well face a crisis of expectations.

    I agree he is not all he cracked up to be.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Indeed, Wes and Sam are rising stars but their personal politics doesn’t necessarily tell us which way Labour will travel.


  5. John Reid says :

    I think Robewrtr was saying it would take 20 years for labour to swing to the left like it did in the early 80’s with people like Sunny Hundal and Laurie penny joining , at the same time theres new right wingers in the party like Lukeakehurst, Peter watt, Harry aldrigde, hopi sen, the bloke from the fabians


  6. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Thanks. I think its a moot point whether Sunny or Laurie are that ‘left-wing’ to be honest. I am certainly to the left of them :). That is very true….


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