Desperation thy name is the Liberal Democrats….

So, Labour won the Oldham East and Saddleworth by election with a majority of over 3,500. You might think this would be a time for sober reflection within the huddled ranks of Nick Clegg’s diminishing yellow army. In fact, most have taken the opportunity to bury their head much more firmly in the sand. Understandable in a way; the reality is obviously far too much for these fragile souls to bear. Traumatised by double-crossing themselves and the increasingly hacked-off people who voted for them the last thing they now want to deal with is the slow, painful, extinction of the party they are clinging for dear life too.

However, that is what is happening. Yes, the Lib Dem vote *share* went up 0.3% in Oldham East and Saddleworth. Two things caused  this though; neither of which will ever be repeated again. One was understandable residual sympathy for Elwyn Watkins who was somewhat unfairly deprived of his moment of glory by a racist bigot who was economical with the truth. The second thing is the tactical votes of Conservatives.

The first thing wont last for ever, even if Elwyn runs again. He lost fairly and squarely this time around. Besides, what are you going to do? Take every Labour candidate up-and-down the land to court so you can play the martyr in every corner of the country? I think not.

Now, I have a little puzzle for our yellow friends.  I am loaned £1 million am I a millionaire? Obviously not but according to the tortured logic of the Lib Dem desperados I obviously am. For the slow-of-thinking let me explain this simple truth – those Conservatives wont vote for you at either the local elections elsewhere or the next general election whenever that may be. You lost over a 1/3rd of your vote to Labour in OES and that was with the ’empathy for Elwyn’ cusion. What do you honestly think is going to happen elsewhere?

Still when all else fails there is always the ‘blame game’ and as LabourList reports it seems to be the new Lib Dem ‘strategy’. One that is so complex it seemingly can be contained on a roughly A5 size piece of card.  The Lib Dem high-command obviously does think their voters are stupid. So stupid in fact that they will forget who is in national government and who is slashing the grant from central government to councils with abandon. Maybe this is an extension of the pathetic whining that is always used to excuse a Lib Dem poor performance – lack of media coverage and exposure (this laughably started to appear as soon as the LD poll rating started to plummet).  The Party which holds the Deputy Prime Minister post and senior ministerial positions simply must be starved of media coverage. The poor lambs. Maybe they do wish they could vanish into thin air but guess what? We wont let them.

Incidentally, after 5 years (or however long) of countering this garbage I would expect no Labour member with an ounce of self-respect to want anything to do with this pariaiah party – led by Calamity Clegg or not. The demise of the Liberal Democrats as a political party will not just rid of us those risible bar charts but also bring the frankly alarming state of high self-delusion amoung Liberal  Democrats to a cruel but necessary end. Sometimes cruelty is kindness and these people deserve at least to be put out of their misery and be allowed to take their place in the real world.


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2 responses to “Desperation thy name is the Liberal Democrats….”

  1. Robert says :

    The Liberals will rebuild if Newer labour gets back in and I hope that does not happen, what do you think Newer labour will do, remove some of the cuts the Tories have put in, Make the welfare reforms a better way forward, help the sick disabled poorest on benefits.

    Well according to Ed the Pink, Labour did not go far enough on welfare reforms.

    The fact is take all three parties to day and you have Thatcher one two and Three. Does not leave much for people who called them selves socialist.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I am not so sure they will, in their current form at least. I think their has been a fundamental breach between them and at least third and maybe as much as half of their vote.

    I think yes they will do something like that but the people will expect more from them and this will provide a crisis of expectations.

    I agree this is a problem but the Labour Party is more than a Party; it’s also a movement and the labour movement is still an important site of struggle for my mind.


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