Shades of Gray….

I want to make one thing clear from the off. I have no intention of defending anything Andy Gray has done in this post. However, similarly, unlike some it would seem, I don’t feel especially inclined to rush to heap praise on Sky either for their actions.

Is it not a bit much to ask us to accept that the owners of The Sun have started a moral crusade against sexism? Gray’s idiocy was ruthlessly exploited by the Murdoch Empire to the maximum.  The latest clip of Gray was released today to James Macintyre. Why today? Why wait to keep footage of a Christmas Special (which will have been filmed well before Christmas, so literally could be months old) until now?  Also, as Macintyre is a journalist for a left/liberal magazine he is the perfect choice as the receiver of this ‘gift’. Not only will he act in a totally predictable way and ‘out’ Gray but he may well be able to curry favour in that milieu for the ‘principled’ actions of Sky and generate the required moral outrage against the disgraced Gray .  Sure, Gray opened up the opportunity with his remarks about a female linesman but News Corp saw their opportunity to indulge in a bit of ‘burying bad news’ and neutralising of a threat and took it with aplomb.

What an amazing coincidence Sky took this ‘principled decision’ on the same day Jeremy Hunt decided to give News Corp extra time to ‘allay fears about media plurality’ generated by its bid to consume Sky whole. Indeed, is it not simply stunning that this story follows hot on the heels of the fall of Andy Coulson and criticisms of the closeness of James Murdoch and David Cameron. Some media moguls seem to be born lucky.

While we are on the subject of a certain Mr Coulson it might be worth remembering that the unvarnished truth is that sexism is not what cost Gray his job. Of course, that’s not to argue he isn’t sexist because he clearly is but it is to get to the truth. If sexism was what cost him his job then Keys would be gone too and on the same day. If he is now sacked his part will be to cover News Corps tracks. What cost Gray his job was his decision to sue the News of the World and the threat this action posed by shining a light into the darker corners of the Murdoch Empire. How fortunate for them that Gray has now been disgraced publicly and terminally undermined as  a credible figure by his idiotic misogynist foibles.

Outrage against Gray is justified but that should not allow us to be manipulated into letting News Corp and Sky off-the-hook. Nor should it be allowed to obscure the real agenda they are pursuing….


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4 responses to “Shades of Gray….”

  1. Robert says :

    He was sacked because he asked a women to put her hands into his trousers, now of course you can make this into a political issue then again we can make everything into a political issue. Sky had little choice as for Keys he has kept his job by apologizing severely, for his error, but Gray is a moron


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Don’t deny that Gray is a moron but would it not be equally wrong to insist that Sky and News Corp are ‘against sexism’? Can you seriously insist this is the case when they pump out The Sun? When they own Fox News which in America peddles every kind of discrimination known to humankind? I’m not making it into a political issue. It is one. If Sky felt that strongly then the apology of Keys should make no difference.


  3. Robert says :

    Yes fine but attack Sky on it’s hold over the world if you like, this was pure and simple two idiots who lived in the past. I can remember the UK in a different time, in which fans took plastic banana’s to a game because we had a black player. The media stated it was only a bit of fun, it took twenty years before we called it racism, at the time you could walk through Cardiff and see signs on the doors of hotels saying no blacks, toilets with White’s only.

    If your going to attack Sky fine but it has sod all to with these morons.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    It has everything to do with these people who I do not dispute are actually morons. It also has to do with the fact that Sky is pro-sexism and to insist otherwise is rubbish – very good article on this here

    Sky are hypocrites and deserve no praise in this matter.

    Sky are hypocrites.


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