The Conservatives are still a class act….but what are we?

Not many people in the Labour Party or indeed in the wider country will be surprised by tales of the Conservative Party and its close links to the City. Following hot-on-the-heels of the ‘revelation’ that a substantial amount of funding flows from the City to CCHQ is today’s ‘cash-for-internships’ non-scandal. I say that not because I don’t find it scandalous in and of itself but because put simply it isn’t surprising. The Conservative Party is the party of finance capital and, at its other wing, the slightly neurotic but equally as aspirational middle-classes (with occasional support from aspirational working class voters too).

It’s the latter wing, represented usually by the Daily Mail, that is well, more than a little hacked off by stories like this. It doesn’t want its children to miss out on opportunities like this and resents the elitist and exclusive nature of these practices almost as much as socialists do. This wing is also likely the one that is going to give the current leadership something to think about in the future because David Cameron and his club of jet-setting, Eton-attending, Cameroons are not and never will be one of them in the way Margaret Thatcher was. David Davis realises this and this is why he recently launched a speculative attack on the ‘out of touch’ Cameron leadership. Expect more sparks to fly as the blue rinse brigade moves in time and in earnest against Cameron.

So, where does this leave Labour? I see on LabourList that Ed Miliband is busy giving voice to the concerns of the middle classes again. Nothing wrong with that you may say, after all its a perfectly legitimate goal and achievable aim to win the middle classes to socialism (not sure that’s quite what Ed has in mind though). However, there is something gravely wrong with it being the sole obsession and focus of what the leadership says. Sure, the middle classes are worried and they are right to be but stretching reality to breaking point to claim they are more worried than frantic benefit claimants currently swamping  the Samaritans with calls as their very existence disintegrates before their eyes.

Funnily enough, I don’t hear Ed giving these people as much ‘air time’ and that is a problem not just for Labour but a brewing one for our ‘democracy’. I think it should be of grave concern which way the democratically disenfranchised and downtrodden poor will turn in the future. The middle class has every party courting it from here to kingdom come. One thing they don’t lack is a voice, enfranchisement and offers of representation. However, can we honestly say the same is true for societies most vulnerable and the working classes? No, I don’t think we can. What is more, as the voting public recognises, these people are the hardest hit. The cuts will push the middle classes into poverty however, for those already at the bottom the abyss that opens up before them is of a much darker and deeper kind. Homelessness, ill-health, unemployment, crime, death even….the stakes are relatively so much higher.

In the long-term, this failure on our leaderships part will have severe consequences for not just Labour but parliamentary ‘democracy’ and the darker abyss will soon enough stop being so discriminating….


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6 responses to “The Conservatives are still a class act….but what are we?”

  1. John Reid says :

    This article basically draws on the City funding the Tories and that we’ve always got our suport not in terms of just money but people power from te unions, Since the Blair days if labour wanted support there was basically FAbians ,The Co-op and to some extent Compass, Laobur seem to be drastically tryingto sve the money it’s got for the 2015 election, good luck to em, but they’ll have to look beyond that as, they’re notgoing to get much more from unions and we’ll have to again try to get dontations,


  2. Robert says :

    Well I was at my Union not to long ago and they Union members were angry, so angry that no more donations will be made, but the Union will give money only to Politicians who back the ethos of socialism, that means twenty four MPs will get a payment.

    But last week I went to Cardiff to listen to Miliband speak at the Welsh Assembly, saw a few mates and a few people I know, then listened to Miliband oh boy are we sorry your heading for a long long period out of power.

    The man believes labour should not be the party of the poor or the sick or the disabled welfare is open to change.

    His words not mine, if a disabled person can work then they should, we will back the Tories on this, but not on the rent cuts unless we can sort this out, but the rest we will back. we have 120 million disabled people in the UK not 2.5 as the media speaks about.
    What a pile of shit


  3. darrellgoodliffe says :

    @ John,

    I think you will find Labour is still largely dependant on union cash to be honest. Compass is headed out of the Party for profound conversations with Liberal Democrats and well the rest are a bit cash-strapped…Labour did draw in some City dollars during Blair’s time for which it was rewarded amply with the leeway to bring the economy to its knees and latterly a fat cash loan at the taxpayers expense but these types can’t even seem to stomach the mild reformism Mr Miliband proposes so they are taking their money elsewhere….no loyalty these City types. Look at the unions who write cheque after cheque for the privilege of being used and abused. Now that’s loyalty!


    Totally agree with your assessment of the politics of Mr Miliband but your ignoring the fact this government is a bigger pile of sh*t and people know it….


  4. Robert says :

    Whoops 120 million disabled people in the UK must be hiding somewhere, we of course have 10 million disabled people in the UK


  5. Gillig says :

    The” No to AV Campaign” started this week.
    The Sun says no, The Mail says no, both say it’s too expensive. Labour mostly say no, conservatives say no and Clegg says he really wanted PR.
    The point is that the machinery is in place for a referendum and the Irish “about turn” is proof that an EU referendum can be rigged.
    To rig a referendum, first create a problem, or reinvent an old one.
    THE VOTES FOR PRISONER’S BILL. An issue abhorrent to the British Public.
    The idea of murderers and rapists being able to vote uses extreme examples to make the point, no mention of the prisoner who didn’t pay their TV license.
    This issue was around when Cameron lost what should have been a walkover election. He had broken his cast iron promise and knew at this point that the EU membership issue would not go away without a referendum.
    An assault on the Court of human rights is underway. Add in the sex offenders register issue to stir it up. I believe Cameron will manipulate anti EU feeling enough to justify adding an EU referendum onto the AV one, at the last moment.
    Once the EU referendum is in place, Cameron will win his battle with the Court of Human rights, and fight to keep EU membership.
    Cameron needs a snap referendum. Lord Pearson recently asked for a cost analysis of EU membership. It was refused. When they were in power, Labour repeatedly refused such requests. The sums will not add up. The arguments for staying in will not bear lengthy scrutiny.


  6. Gillig says :

    After that “moment of clarrity”, I am off to buy a tin hat.


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