Why does Blair have to let it linger…..?

Coming to a bad buddy-cop movie near you very soon....

Apparently, Cherie Blair is chairing a Labour policy review group on improving the lives of women in the developing world. Fair enough, a worthy goal, but still the question has to be, why? Mrs Blair actually finds slightly more favour with me than he husband soley on the basis that if the film The Queen is anything to go by she is a bit of a republican. Nonetheless, I think the continued lingering presence of both the Blair’s and Mandelson is a bad thing for Labour.

Her other half, Mr Blair seems to amuse himself these days by just taking any old pot shot at the current leadership. This is, of course, when he is not having cosy phone-chats with the numerous ex-Middle Eastern dictators he has schmoozed. The Sunday Telegraph carried his latest sally and, I have to say, its description of Blair as a ‘back seat driver’ is very apt. Apparently, Blair speaks to Ed Miliband regularly;

“He has been telling him how it is pointless wasting his time on relatively minor stuff and to stick to the big picture.This is true even to the extent of limiting his media appearances. Tony says every time he intervenes on something it should be a game-changer.”

I can’t help but feel that, secretly, Blair feels every time he exhales oxygen it is a ‘game-changer’. Meanwhile, Mandelson, who has lost his old sparring partner, Charlie Whelan, now amuses himself defending less glorious aspects of our governmental record – like THAT close relationship with Libya. His opening gambit, ‘that sense and judgment have flown out of the window’, surprisingly describes the attitude of those people who have criticised this – not the scene in whichever office it was decided this move was the dizzying height of political wisdom.  I guess sense and judgement do go onto the back burner when people see a viscious, nasty ruler who treats his people like the cockroaches he thinks they are by, amoung other things, shooting up hospitals where the wounded are being treated.

It’s actually rather sad really in its way – none of them can simply let go and walk away. Some people will say that’s natural but when I look at the likes of Gordon Brown,who has commented only very briefly on his time in office, and how he behaves with immense dignity and gravitas by keeping his nose out of current Labour Party affairs I can’t see how it is ‘natural’. It isn’t natural at all – it’s ghoulish, Blair and Mandelson are like two cantankerous old cumudgeons descending rapidly into senaility and throwing boiled sweets at young whippersnappers.

I know alot of comrades reading this will have some residual affection for Blair. Fair enough, I can understand that on one level, but surely even these comrades have to admit this simply isn’t healthy for us or them.  From our point of view its damaging because it undermines our attempts to move on – attempts which I have to see are starting to look a little more sincere – and from their point of view surely the same applies.  Its time to move on, its time for both the Labour Party and the Blair’s to stop lingering and go their separate ways.


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5 responses to “Why does Blair have to let it linger…..?”

  1. David Harney says :

    True enough, Blair lingers on. True too, his feelings of self importance now dominates his personality. But ultimately, he now has no real influence over either opinion or policy. Most Labour people are now merely politely tolarant of Blair, & see him very much as yesterday`s man. My own feelings are that Blair`s real influance, along with New-Labour was layed to rest last May. For what its worth, i think the way forward now for our party is to look more closely to our roots & original principles. We should no longer be afraid to say we are firmly left of centre. By doing so, we can regain our pride & identity. We can also present the electorate with a clear & refreshing alternative to this increasingly unpopular government. Really good blog, i enjoyed it!


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Thanks for the comment. I hope his influence over policy is minimal, am slightly more willing to accept that than I was earlier on in this leadership, but I wonder what image it conveys to voters. I totally agree with you there, a return to the roots is the way forward. Thank you very much for saying so and I am glad you liked it. 🙂


  3. Gillig says :

    Hi . darrellgoodliffe
    You have my sympathy, the stink of Killroy-Silk still hangs over UKIP.
    I find myself once again having to complain about your caption picture, you have managed something far more offensive than the UKIP monkeys!
    I am surprised you are a Cherie fan, I would have guessed Baroness Ashton would be your pin up.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Lol thanks. I am sure it does.

    Lol well I am sorry, I understand why they offend but they are staying.

    Oh dear, it was going so well, I thought you were going to go a whole reply without mentioning Europe….


  5. Gillig says :

    The Final Countdown.


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