‘Does my Society look big in this’?

From the folks at Philosophy Football we have the ultimate in demo-wear.

Mr Cameron and his, very, junior partner Nick Clegg would have us believe that our society can do just fine with fewer nurses and teachers.  Closing down schools, hospitals, children’s’ centres and services for the elderly adds up to a smaller, worse society, neither big nor better. All in the cause of deficit reduction?  How about taxing the bankers’ bonuses and closing down corporate tax evasion? Wear Philosophy Football’s  ‘Does my Society Look Big in This’  T-shirt on the 26 March  TUC March for the Alternative, the brilliant direct actions of UKUncut or wherever and whenever the protest takes you. Available in sizes S-XXL, plus women’s skinny fitted and right now at a campaign-low price of £12.99. Go here now and grab one while you still can!


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