UK Uncut must break from the Black Bloc…

First, let me clarify something. I have seen a couple of pieces across the blogsphere defending UK Uncut. In general, I feel UK Uncut has plenty to offer this movement; nonetheless, this does not mean I am therefore obliged to agree with every tactical decision they make. They made the wrong call on Saturday tactically speaking as far as I am concerned. It’s dangerous to conflate criticism of tactics with outright attacks.

Right, with that out-of-the-way; it seems that fighting has broken out between elements of UK Uncut and the Black Bloc. Good. I watched the spokesperson for UK Uncut make a complete fool of themselves and the organisation on Newsnight by refusing to explicitly condemn the actions of the Black Bloc, which they should be able to do. My view of the Black Bloc is simple. It is a vipers nest, riddled with state assets whose sole purpose is the destruction and discrediting of this movement. The politics of the Bloc, such as they are, make this easy, as does the age demographic of its more genuine supporters.

Members of the Bloc are explicitly encouraged to conceal their identity which is as they are not an actual organisation but a mere component of a demonstration. At Saturdays demonstration we saw clear evidence that there were police infiltrators within the bloc.  Documentary evidence also exists of it on other occasions; Quebec’s police force admitted it had three officers undercover for a summit of North American leaders who operated within the bloc.

If these two letters here and here are anything to go by organisations operating within the Bloc are making a concerted effort to assimilate UK Uncut. In the second letter, they show a talent for deception which beggars belief:

“The UK Uncut actions on Oxford Street and in occupying Fortnum and Masons provoked harsh treatment from police, including mass arrests.”

In reality, the Black Bloc broke away and charged up Oxford and Regent Street causing general havoc before the police actions at F & M and Trafalgar Square. Therefore, while the police may well have pre-planned their ‘harsh response’ they did so only when the Bloc had provided the necessary cover. Is it any wonder they are cheered by Nick Cohen in The Spectator as the secret weapon of the Conservatives?

The genuine activists within the Bloc are being misled and manipulated. A political struggle against this grouping is necessary if this movement is to survive and succeed. If UK Uncut cannot break from the Bloc, it will become a conduit into the movement through which those who wish it no success will travel. UK Uncut should join the struggle against this grouping, not let themselves become an appendage of it.


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7 responses to “UK Uncut must break from the Black Bloc…”

  1. media darling says :

    “I watched the spokesperson for UK Uncut make a complete fool of themselves and the organisation on Newsnight by refusing to explicitly condemn the actions of the Black Bloc”

    – Really? I watched her admirably refusing to pander to the media’s ideological drive to split the movement. Why should she have to ‘explicitly condemn the actions of the Black Bloc’? She isn’t responsible for their actions. You can try to please the media all you like, but it won’t work.

    As for police infiltrators – they are hardly limited to the bloc.


  2. 8910STEVEN says :

    Good article .Why should Lucy Annson condemn the actions of the Black Bloc ;well,how about the fact that their actions created the political conditions in which the police could make a mass arrest of her supporters , without any of the criticism and scrutiny they would have faced if they had tried doing such a thing in a context in which there had been no violence ? If facilitating the arrest of activists isn`t `splitting the movement ` I don`t know what is ! Considerable circumstancial evidence that the Black Bloc are totally infested with police agents provocateurs anyway ;the television pictures of the windows of Santander getting smashed in looked suspicious to me ;loads of press photographers and TV present but no police anywhere to be seen ; so was this staged or do the BBC have better intelligence information than the police do ? But regardless of whether they`re knowing agents of the state they`re certainly `objective agents of the bourgeoisie ` if I may be permitted such old -fashioned terminology .


  3. Sam Boyd says :

    Agree with most of this article.

    UK Uncut’s message, portrayed via non-violent direct action, was getting through to decision-makers and starting to affect change. Their unfair association with the black bloc vandals on Saturday, made worse by refusals to condemn the violence, means that those who hold the power will now steer well clear, viewing them all as bad as each other – either because they’re stupid enough to believe the media smears, or they fear the reprisals of supporting a group now, wrongly or rightly, associated with violent protest. Tom Harris’ video displays this perfectly (I think he’s in the stupid category).

    Protests become successful by winning the argument, which violence doesn’t help with at all (more in my blog post here). But it’s difficult to see UK Uncut condemning violent protest, when, by its nature, it’s made up of all sorts of people with no clear leadership – probably some do support it, others don’t.

    Also, what do you mean when you say the black bloc is “riddled with state assets”? Is that based on any evidence?


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Well, I and alot of people, including committed UK Uncutters no doubt were no doubt sending their face speeding to their palm after a dreadful performance.

    She should because that was the question asked her and its the right response. Had I been in her place I would have no problem condemning this a-political nonsense from the Black Bloc. @8910Steven makes loads of very good points as to exactly why she should.

    No, thats true they are not, but its by far the most vulnerable part and I would suggest in all liklihood the place where most of them are.

    @8910 Steven,

    Thanks for the comment and for saying so. Very good points and I agree with you.


    Thanks for the comment and saying so. It was indeed, and I think this is now why it is being diliberately and systamatically targeted by those with power and money. I think your right about Tom.

    I agree exactly; thanks for the link to the post, will have a gander at a later date. I sere your point, think they need to develop these things to defend themselves now though.

    Somewhere on the blog there are links to BBC footage of a black bloc ‘rioter’ showing a police badge and being let out. Will find the link and report back…sorry for rushing just have meetings but wanted to reply.


  5. John Reid says :

    He didn’t show a police badge ,he showed some sort of badge to a polce one, It wasn’t a pokce staff ID card, whatever it was


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