How big is the News Corp crisis?

I suspect I am not alone in enjoying watching News Corp squirm and suffer in phone-hacking scandal. I defy anybody not to think of the Emperor from Star Wars summoning Darth Vader to his side when they hear about James Murdoch scuttling back Stateside at the request of Uncle Rupe. Nonetheless, there is a serious side in the damage its done to peoples lives by their repulsive invasion of peoples privacy. Worse, if Andrew Neil is to be believed, the News of the World is the tip of a very substantial iceberg,.

News Corps problems are likely to be amplified by the rest of the media seizing upon the opportunity to do them damage. However, that said, i’m not convinced it’s as big a crisis as people like me would necessarily like it to be. Of course, it will probably incur hefty financial damage but I dont for one second think it will be so much it threatens its existence. Thinking about it, politically its unlikely to suffer much either and not just because of the  sympathetic nature of the government to the cause.

People may consume its product but as a brand I don’t think News Corp is that popular as it is, so again here I am thinking the damage will be not be that bad. It’s already held so low in public esteem that it would be hard for it to sink much lower. Even before this weeks revelations, a YouGov poll found 60% thought Murdoch has too much influence on British politics and 64% agreed that the B Sky B would give the evil empire (sic.) too much influence over the media; a tiny 5% supported the deal.

The problem is that none of the mainstream political parties (Labour, of course included) has the courage to stand-up to News Corp and really democratise our media by breaking it apart. So, although this has been a embarrassing week for it; it’s far from a cataclysmic crisis, more’s the pity…..


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8 responses to “How big is the News Corp crisis?”

  1. John p Reid says :

    News copr are obviously bricking the fact that it looks like justice is catching up on them, Whther this be indivdiual cases, or al the press, Regarding whether Scotland yard hasn’t coem down on Newscorp enough ,becasue the have an Ally with The sun, or whether its sytematic and that the polcie know ther are loop holes in bugging ,like A friend of Antonia Sanchex(?) david mellors girlfirend ,who bugged her own phone when she used it to phone him and ,recorded it finding out about the Affair (something that’s not illegal)
    As for Murdoch press having to much influence, It bring’s up things liek should newppaer be politically bias, Can One person won more than one paper, and even If a paper wasn’t bias ,it can still be liabeless (witness the Sun’s commets on the Guildford 4 or Ironically the Mails commetns on The Stephen lawrence suspects)

    this also brings into question what is political unbias reporting theBBC has been sued for anti police statements and Tony Benn considers teh BBC to be right wing as it’s prop nato, pro the Monachy, Pro U.S and Pro Europe ,yet alot of people consider the BBC to be left wing with ITV news right wing.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I agree they didnt. I have no problem with newspapers having a ‘political bias’ ie, a political point of view. What I don’t feel is fair is that being the bias of one person ie, a monopoly and that’s why there should be strict prohibition of one person or one corporate entity owning more than one. If you stop papers having a political point of view then in my eyes that is going too far and your impinging on the right to free speech.

    The BBC bias has a different cause, namely the source of its financing and therefore I support its mutualisation to combat this. I think its neither left or right wing bias as point of fact; I think its merely pro-government (no matter who that is) because they control the purse strings.


  3. John p Reid says :

    possibly.but teh BBC was vey anti wilson when he was in power and anti thatcher towards the end


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Aaaaa but what kind of deal were they getting on the licence fee at the time?


  5. John says :

    Actually the beeb was probably anti wilson as they felt he was to right wing


  6. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Lol really do you think that?


  7. John Reid says :

    Over vietnam!


  8. darrellgoodliffe says :

    O right…..


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