Camden Council should be ashamed….

It’s ironic that on the same day David Cameron made a gargantuan effort to encourage street-parties celebrating the Royal Wedding (presumably in the hope that people get so smashed they are too drunk to stick the boot in to him and his glove puppet on May 5th), Camden Council has vetoed Republic’s plan for a republican street party on the day of the Royal Wedding. I am not holding my breath waiting for  Cameron to criticise Camden for ‘spoiling’ Republic’s party with ‘red tape’. Camden justify their decision thus:

“The application was refused due to objections from Camden residents and organisations representing more than 140 local businesses. These groups strongly opposed the event as they felt it would negatively impact on their sales, and they also raised a number of public safety concerns as to how the event would be managed.”

However, Camden Council is being a little dishonest here. The give-away passage is when it talks about”These groups” strongly opposing the event “as they felt it would negatively impact on their sales, and they also raised a number of public safety concerns as to how the event would be managed.” I am sure the good people of Camden are very enterprising but I doubt they sell that much; let alone have boxes of Wills and Kate mugs to sell before they pass their sell-by-date on April 30th. In other words, the ‘residents’ are window dressing for a decision that mug sales matter more than democracy. Businesses didn’t want to close and lose sales and threw in a little paranoid fear of smashed windows for added colour.

It’s not particularly encouraging that Camden Council has effectively decided our democracy is effectively for sale but in a weird way its a fitting epithet for a day which celebrates the ascendency of aristocratic birthright over democratic principle. However, its not all depressing news. If this piece on Political Betting is anything to go by the least that can be said of the British public is that they are increasingly disenchanted with and disinterested in the monarchy.

Good. However, disinterest is a long way from the active struggle needed to modernise our democracy….the urgent need of which is demonstrated very ably by the anti-democratic shenanigans of Camden Council.


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2 responses to “Camden Council should be ashamed….”

  1. John reid says :

    I’m not sure how many people watched the Charles and Di wedding and if it was even on both BBC1 and ITV, but there was only 3 t.v channels in those days and i recall we were the only home with a colour tv, so everyone came around ours to watch it, what marks a t.v succsess, i seem to recall Dianas funeral as being the largest t.v show ever and that was when channel 5 and sky and cable were up and running


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    As I understand it alot more. Even with all the factors mentioned id be happy making that claim that many more watched that wedding than will watch this. As to Di’s funeral, maybe but she was precisely loved because she was cast out and treated like crap by the royals so that was more a manifestation of anti monarchy sentiment.


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