Shame on Labour for attacking John Hemming….

As regular readers of this blog will know, I loathe and despise the Liberal Democrats with a vigorous passion BUT I do have to say this; John Hemming did the right thing by breaking the ridiculous ‘superinjunction’ protecting Ryan Giggs. Therefore, I was more than a little dismayed to read that Labour politicians are lining-up to denounce Hemming. These kind of comments are, frankly, appalling;

Labour’s John Cryer suggested it had been an “act of gross opportunism by a politician on an ego trip”.(…)

On Tuesday Labour’s Stella Creasy asked Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg: “Could the deputy prime minister update the House on discussions he has had with government and party colleagues on the circumstances in which Parliamentarians should be above the rule of law?”

Since when has this party respected the ‘rule of law’ when that law enshrines the right of rich, philandering footballers to elevate themselves above the rest of us and in doing so allow them to stamp on free speech? I have no respect for that kind of law and neither should Labour as a Party. When the law is used as a weapon by the privileged, it is fundamentally broken, lost in its purpose and should be defied. Giggs has the right to a private life but he also lives in the public eye and frankly, if he cannot deal with this, he should retire now and never should have embarked on the path he chose.

It does mean his flaws are likely to shine through to a much greater extent than those of the rest of us; but, unless he is fundamentally naive, he knows this is the trade-off he made when he embarked upon his career. The rewards being financial and the international prestige he enjoys as a footballer. In his actions, in his use of the law as a weapon, he made himself and his (alleged) affair a political issue and therefore; a story that was tittle-tattle and would have been restricted to the sensationalist red tops has been spread across the press by his own actions. It was therefore perfectly correct for Hemming to raise it and his actions in breaking the superinjunction are clearly in the public interest.

This is a rare moment for this blog when I praise a Liberal Democrat, Hemming was right to do what he did in Parliament on Monday and for that he deserves praise, not vilification. The fact that Labour cannot give it, but instead resort to what are blatantly opportunist attacks on him shows that as a Party it still has much to learn about how to be a truly democratic party.


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3 responses to “Shame on Labour for attacking John Hemming….”

  1. ddom2006 says :

    I totally agree with this blog.


  2. John Reid says :

    MAybe had Hemming said it outside of Parlaiment and it’s privelidge ,then It would have been wroth something, Listen To Charles Clarke talk about the run up to the 1992 election the PRess felt then as now that they’re above the LAw adn Clarke had to fight tooth and Nail to prevent Kelvin Mckenzie at the Sun from printing so many lies about Kinnock including a false story of an affair and this isort of using privelediges to over turn the law is similar to the press using this power, whether Giggs was richa nd used his power<I odn't know ,can't see how it's in the public interest, but the Press thinking they're above the law adn Hemming doing the same, He wouldn't say it outside parlaiment would he, but if he beliveedd that much in that of a conviction he would say it outside parliament and risk a slander/libel case


  3. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Thanks :),


    The press are not above the law, I would never say they are but they deserve defence when the law is used as a weapon by the privileged against them. Same, I dont really care about the law in this instance because as I explained, the law is an ass in this instance. To see the law as immutable and carved in stone, is to defy the essence, spirit and letter of its supposed function.


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