Autumn election anyone?

I’ll be honest, although its not my intention to dispense electoral advice to the Conservative Party; id be stunned and a little bit amazed if they didnt plump for a snap autumn election. At the very  least, the thought must be crossing Conservative minds. I actually don’t think they will BUT if they don’t they will have missed a golden opportunity which will probably not arrive again. Yes, the economy isn’t great but the ‘blame Labour’ line still has enough traction to deal with that; meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats are nothing but a burden and us,well we are an effective lightening rod for public discontent but clearly not, in the public mind, a government in waiting.

In that vein, the latest IPSOS-Mori poll is a disaster. It’s just a poll people will screech but its a poll that comes on the heels of a dire result in Scotland where the question of national governance was raised in its clearest form and, well we all know what happened there. Naturally, headlines will focus on the leadership issue but there is a more fundamental problem – 57% of those polled don’t think Labour is ready to govern as a Party (let alone the rather frightening 69% who don’t think Ed Miliband is ready to be Prime Minister).

Why isn’t Labour seen as a government? Well, to me the obvious answer is that our narrative is fuzzy and incoherent. We may well know what we are all against or the fact we all want to save the NHS but what are we actually for? The reality is that were there to be a snap poll in the autumn and by some minor miracle Labour be in a position to form the next government as a result it would probably be with a slim majority or, even worse, we would be dependant on the oily Liberal Democrats. It would be a fundamentally unstable administration from the off – it would be effectively a rebound relationship for the country. Having been badly burnt by Cameron and Clegg it would rush headlong into the arms of the fresh-faced and nice seeming chap, Ed Miliband, before either the country, Miliband or the Party are properly ready for the relationship.


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15 responses to “Autumn election anyone?”

  1. David Harney says :

    In the unlikely situation of a snap autumn General Election, I believe Labour would stand a reasonable chance of at least coming close to a majority. Why? Your right, its not that the country has any great faith in Labour as a credible government right now. Or in Ed as PM to be totally honest. But because Labour would collect the vast majority of the progressive vote. We plainly saw at the locals, that the 12 point drop in Lib Dem support went straight to Labour. This gave us a 12 point gain on our 2010 result of just 28%. I believe this could well translate at an autumn poll. If it did, Labour would recieve around 40%. However, im even more certain that time can only benefit Labour. My own view is that Ed is the right man to lead us to victory. Just hope Im right!!!
    Enjoyed your blog as always comrade.


  2. gillig says :

    Election, yes please!
    There is only one natural leader in UK politics.
    Put Ed , Cast Iron and Farage on TV together.
    Do you think that LibLabCon should all lie about an EU referendum again?


  3. John p reid says :

    I hope not, it’s great the Liberals have stopped elected police commisioners, If there was an electionthe tories have got a good chance of an overall majority, and then they’d get the bill through.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    They may but im not so sure. I dont think the votes of disaffected Liberal Democrats would be enough for an outright majority but yes I agree they would swing behind us wildly. With regards to Ed….errr maybe, im not as sure as I was. thanks for saying so 🙂


    No of course I dont but I think people would stop caring less if they were prosperous. Its still the economy silly….


    On balance, I agree about elected police chiefs.


  5. John p reid says :

    When was the only time the police were really political in the past,when they were used to take on the Miners/wapping dispute


  6. gillig says :

    Have you got the Balls to aknowledge we have a few too many immigrants, and many more on the way?
    “Its still the economy silly….”. Labours expert opinion is?
    On cuts, I have found that my local fire station has full time paid union officials. How prevalent is this abuse of public money, and why did Labour permit it?
    I hope this time, more of the electorate ask why they are poor and ask the Labour party!


  7. darrellgoodliffe says :


    The cuts have nothing to do with the level of immigration. Because errr its not an abuse of public money…unions are an important part of the workplace both for the workers, to protect them and to ensure especially in a fire station they are protected so they can protect the public to the best of their ability.

    They are poor because capitalism is knackered, not per se because of Labour.


  8. gillig says :

    Have you got the Balls to aknowledge we have a few too many immigrants, and many more on the way?


  9. gillig says :

    On cuts, I have found that my local fire station has full time paid union officials. How prevalent is this abuse of public money, and why did Labour permit it?


  10. gillig says :

    Is that better?


  11. gillig says :

    Elf and safety union workers to the rescue, that should reassure the paying public.
    The pilgrim problem will not disappear, and it is dynamite at local level. You should expect libdims to be all over it.
    I am not anti union, but abuse and bloating is rife, it’s an obvious area for cuts.


  12. John p reid says :

    the full time union reps are funded by a subsidy of the members who are in that union paying for them to be there, it doens’t come from the state, same as PCS reps for police staff.


  13. gillig says :

    @John p reid
    Hi. I will check my info and come back. Unless our host knows?
    I think the rules have changed, I will check the when and who. Thanks.


  14. darrellgoodliffe says :

    As I understand it John has it right, union staff are paid for from union dues…


  15. gillig says :

    Having found that the FBU has disassociated itself from the Labour Party by majority vote. I see no prospect of a lively debate.
    Nurse Pilgrim however is paid by the NHS (Taxpayers), and does no nursing!


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