The leadership question just wont go away….

LabourLists most recent State of the Party survey doesn’t make particularly good reading for Ed Miliband : –

Last month we told you that Ed Miliband had seen a decline in his popularity amongst LabourList readers, with only 47% believing that he had done an Excellent or Good job. This month there has been another slump – now only 41% of you think that his performance has been better than fair, and 32% of you think that his performance has been either Poor or Very poor.

I have to be honest; these are not good numbers for a leader when the surveyed are the party faithful. Like it or not the leadership question wont go away for Labour. Why? Well I have to say, his initial actions in appointing a shadow cabinet to buttress his own position rather than take the Party forward said from the very off that his mentality was one of desperate consolidation rather than striding forward to lead the Party.

Electoral success seemed to steady the ship but for every step forward there is two back. So, in May what should have been a Roman triumph for the fresh-faced Miliband turned into something of a disaster as two campaigns he had tied himself personally too – Labour’s Scottish Campaign and the Yes to AV campaign went disastrously wrong. His performances at PMQ’s are variable although generally he has the upper hand over Cameron it has to be said, but this matters not a jot in terms of kudos with the wider electorate.

Labour is a Party in transition – it’s in the process of awakening from the long slumber imposed on it by Blairism and on a journey whose end has yet to be determined. The danger for Miliband is that his leadership will become part of the same process; that when Labour has emerged from this period more self-confident and self-aware, it will find his leadership a burden and cast it aside at the appropriate juncture. The leadership question is one that will not go away from some time, if at all….


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4 responses to “The leadership question just wont go away….”

  1. gillig says :

    Give the Ed and Ed show a run, it takes time to team up and warm up.
    I would only vote for a get out of the EU party, but both Ed’s seem part human, unlike the coalition lizards.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Ye thats true they do have the human touch but I often wonder if thats what people really want from their political leaders…


  3. gillig says :

    That explains your photo.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :

    That wasnt very nice was it lol….behave!


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