High School never ends for the Westminster Village…

Two schools of thought exist about the ‘revelations’ in today’s Daily Telegraph regarding the plots to usurp Tony Blair as leader of the Labour Party. On the one hand, most outside of Labour, and admittedly a few within, think its disgraceful and abominable and at least Ed Balls should resign forthwith. The other school of thought collectively shrugs its shoulders and says ‘so what’. I am firmly in the latter school. What makes this all so much tragic and desperate is the story is 4 – count them, 4 – years old.

Politicians lie, they plot, especially against each other, power corrupts and only makes you covert more. This is the way of the world. People who are outside of politics know this, they probably don’t like it but they accept it in lieu of having much more pressing life concerns like their job, their wages, their quality of living, crime, foreign affairs, etc, etc. Anything but this. This is the kinda ‘he said/she said’ tittle tattle that proves for the Westminster Village – Bowling for Soup have it bang on the money – High School really does never end. Incidentally, it also proves something else, the Conservatives are absolutely petrified of Ed Balls and this is only making me regret even more we did not elect him as leader.

You can say it shouldnt be and you’d be right. However, I fail to see how rolling around in the muck is going to make you any cleaner.  If you want to change this then ultimately the problem is the very fabric of representative democracy which concentrates power too much in the hands of the said representatives and encourages the kind of thing we have seen demonstrated today in the pages of the Daily Telegraph. However, that is not the object of this exercise, to foster a genuine debate about how we make our politics better – it’s party political point scoring which will be totally ignored by the wider public. The political community should show its in touch for once and do the same, ignore this ridiculous nonsense.


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2 responses to “High School never ends for the Westminster Village…”

  1. gillig says :

    Is it a school photo?
    (Yours, not Blinkeys)


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Errrrr no….


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