Labour’s leadership has just entered an acute crisis….

To borrow a phrase from Blackadder, you wonder who exactly is currently in possession of the one brain cell that seems to the sum total of the entire collective property of this Party’s leadership. Apart from anything else, ‘Memogate’ makes it quite clear that there are senior figures within Labour that are briefing and leaking against the Party leadership and prepared to do as much harm to the Party to bring it down as is necessary. How else did the Daily Telegraph gain possession of these documents? Knowledge of their very existence would be limited let alone access to the originals.

However, the leadership has nobody but itself to blame. Very early on in Ed Miliband’s leadership there was a spate of embarrassing leaks, including that of his pace notes for PMQ’s. The existence of organised internal opposition was obvious at that point but nothing was done. So, here we are in the midst of what constitutes a full-frontal assault on two key figures, including the leader himself, within the leadership and still nothing seems to be done. This pattern of abject weakness was set from the day Ed Miliband named his ‘conciliatory’ first Shadow Cabinet. It is obvious who politically we can blame for these events; a group or individuals with Blairite leanings who are most likely disgruntled David Miliband supporters. This would explain the leaking tonight of the elder Miliband’s victory speech that never was – reminding us, tempting us and teasing us with what we could have had.

Will the leadership wake-up and do something? Speaking personally I am not holding my breath….this leadership is too weak to lead and as such it will perish, probably sooner rather than later…..


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9 responses to “Labour’s leadership has just entered an acute crisis….”

  1. John Reid says :

    It is obvious who politically we can blame for these events; a group or individuals with Blairite leanings who are most likely disgruntled David Miliband supporters

    stephen pound and timms, peter hain ,all Blairites backedf Ed miliband, hazel blears /David blunkett (blairites)backed andy burnham jon cruddas.denis skinner john prescott, not blairites chalres Clakre (kinnokcite) all backed David miliband,
    and theres no evidence they were behind the leak, where would they have gordon bowns note to himself about not trusting blairs word to stand down?

    why do you say blairites backedfdavid Miliband


  2. John Reid says :

    luke akehurst another Blairite who backed Ed miliband.
    (luke joined labour in 88, like me and argued for change tht helped Kinnock get the p[olicies he wanted in 1992.


  3. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Yes John but the Blairites are the disenfranchised ones and therefore the ones who are going to be behind this….


  4. John p reid says :

    are blairies who voted for Ed ,like stephen pound, Timms adn LUke akehurst disenfranchised with De’s leadership ,even Liam Byrne a blairites was defending to the hilt the two Ed;s over this on the T.V yesterday
    I’ve just read that laobur lost 4,843,990 votes between 97-2010 and they only got last year 153,510 more than in 1983, Have you read luke akehursts’ blog what did you think.


  5. darrellgoodliffe says :

    I read it on LabourList and commented there…its a well-written re-hash of a tedious and circular debate…


  6. John p reid says :

    Luke, like my self started supporting laobur in the spring of 87 when laobur had previously got 27.5% of the vote in the 83 election, at that election we increased it to 30% adn at the 1992 we increased labours vote to 35.2% and hten in 1997 to 43% ,ov course we only got 29% ,but the poeple who are cirticisng us ,praisng the Likes of tony benn and co, forget it was the likes of benn that got us 27.5% in 1983


  7. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Ye but you see this is a problem I have with this debate, basically, 1983 was 20 years ago ya know, the world has moved on but people like yourself havent John, ironically, its you who lives in the past, not the left…capitalism is a bit knackered as we speak and well, you know it maybe a good idea to give the people some hope of something better….


  8. John Reid says :

    the world has moved on Tony Benn, Livingstone and Diane abbott all supported the 83 amnifesto, when it was completely rejected by the electorate they said “we lost as it wasnt’ left wing enough” A view they still have,

    there were parts of the 83 manifesto that weren’t anything to do with capitalism/soicalism, Like getting rid of riot and armed police , regarding capitalism as a fialure there were things like buying your own council house that appealed to the electorate. our majniofesto of nationalising the 25 biggest industires didn’t, A the same time, laobur in 83 wouldn’t have dreampt of antionising a bank

    In 83 laobur proposed the idea of a metropolitan police authoirty and an Independent police complaints authority, which the tories described as communist interference stopping the police doing their won job, yet,its’ thought of as the norm now, and the tories wnat to make policing political with elected commisioners,

    I printed a blog similar to this earlier ,and it dispapeared,if it turns up sorry for putting up nearly the same twice,


  9. darrellgoodliffe says :


    The world has moved on as you say but you clearly havent. Your wrong on the second point though because socialism is about democratising the state so to say its just an economic thing is purely wrong to be honest.

    Yes that is ironic isnt it.

    O right ok, sorry, not seen it once or twice….


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