Why the left should bin off lame duck Miliband…

There is one really important thing to remember from this weekend. It doesn’t matter what happens – Ed Miliband is a broken read and his leadership of Labour will end, sooner rather than later. So, what does the left do? Ever the champion of the already lost cause it, of course, rallies to Miliband not for any good reason. It’s not as if Miliband isn’t about to totally betray the core values of this Party and launch a swinging attack on socities most vulnerable.

The unions are also starting to turn against the leadership as David Prentis showed in The Independent. So, its not as if there is much worth protecting politically. What is the real reason then? It’s simple. Fear. Fear of what may follow, fear that the left will be even further marginalised. This is not a good enough reason. For one it shows the left is incapable of acting or thinking anything other than in its own self interest. It doesn’t matter that removing Miliband is in the best interests of Labour and its long-term success and the best interests of the country, which is crying out for a strong, decisive opposition. This is one of the core problems of the left, and why it is so desperately unpopular, you cannot exercise broad hegemony, uniting diverse interests in a common cause when you only think of your own.

Secondly, fear is not a good guide to anything,except in certain narrowly defined parameters fear weakens us and capitulation to it a gurantoor of continued weakness. This is clearly the case here because of the point mentioned above, the left if it clings to Miliband will be marginalised while the Blairites act as the hegemonic force in the Party, uniting behind their cause frustrations on the left and right. Thus the prediction that Miliband will be replaced by a hard-right leader becomes a self-fufilling prophecy, guaranteed by the left’s cowardice.

If the left wants to lead, it needs to think beyond its own narrowly defined interests and act with courage, not a childish fear of the dark and unknown. It should cease the chance to show it can change and be a force for positive change and bin off this lame duck leader.


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15 responses to “Why the left should bin off lame duck Miliband…”

  1. Owen Jones says :

    Derek Simpson? He’s not even on the scene. I presume you mean David Prentice.

    You’re lining up behind a conspiracy launched by the Blairites and the right-wing media. The only victors of a coup against Ed Miliband will be New Labour’s hardcore right. This is short-sighted, politically incoherent rubbish.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Quite right, well spotted and thank you for the correction.

    Yes, Yes I am because their objective is in the best interests of this Party and the wider country not the narrow sectional interests of the left. And until the left learns to act in interests other than its own it will not lead anything or be a politically significant force so there you go.


  3. gillig says :

    Has anyone asked Bliar if he is interested in the job?


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :

    He maybe but we arent in having him back 😉


  5. gillig says :

    You only get one vote.


  6. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Not if there is a new contest….


  7. gillig says :

    Any Con MP can stand for PM if they get enough support.
    UKIP needs a huge NEC vote to overturn a 4 year stand.
    How do Labour get a new contest?
    Yvette would be fun!


  8. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Its horribly complicated but basically you have to force the abdication of the incumbent I think….Blair got it pretty solidly locked down during his tenure so challenging is very hard…


  9. gillig says :

    Brown went mad trying!


  10. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Hmmm I dont like the insinuations about his mental health….


  11. Dave Kirk says :

    A report i have written on this:

    Over the last few weeks sticking the knife into Ed Miliband has been a national sport. There have been leaks, un-attributed quotes
    about Milliband and op ed pieces saying he is not up to the Job. This looks orchestrated to the extent a real plot to oust Miliband
    as the Labour leader seems to be on the go. This kind of personalised politics as soap opera is par for the course for the bourgeoisie
    and should usually be treated with the contempt it deserves, however this time there are far bigger issues at stake about Labours direction.

    Ed Miliband was the leadership candidate of the union’s (or at least the union bureaucracy) and they delivered him a narrow victory over
    his Blairite brother. His pitch was a mixture of Obamaesque buzz phrases, vague promise to move on from New Labour and slight
    condemnation of parts of New Labours agenda. Its fair to say from any standpoint he has not been impressive in his first five months.
    His attacks on Tory cuts are limited to saying they are “too fast and too deep” rather then opposing all cuts. His opposition to free
    schools and the NHS privatisation is hamstrung by his adherence to New Labour’s privatisation policies. He has sought favourable
    Daily Mail headlines by the worst kind of populist opposition to the tories attempts to reduce prison sentences. The coalition is carrying
    out an unveiled attack on working class living standards but Labours opposition has been noticeably feeble.

    Miliband’s weak position always meant he was going to be much more pliable to pressure from elements within and without the
    Labour Party then his predecessors. Yet Miliband has been under very little pressure from the unions or the left of the party. The current
    “Refounding Labour” review and the policy reviews are the usual bureaucratic box ticking exercises but provided the Labour left an opportunity
    to argue for labour to be a genuine working class party. However the decepitude and entropy of the Labour left means this opportunity is
    fast being squandered. Disillusioned socialists in Labour and outside may find themselves joining the chorus for Ed Miliband to go. This
    is the wrong focus, it means lining up with a Blairite coup. Instead socialists should be battling in the union’s, local branches and young Labour
    to make Labour fight the cuts. Working class voters will only be won back to Labour if appears to represent their interests and not the interest’s ‘
    of the rich.


  12. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Thanks for that. As you know I dont agree. Sometimes yes you line up with unsavoury people because you episodically have the same objective. I fully participated in the No to AV campaign alongside Conservatives.

    As I point out, this is about how the left becomes a hegemonic force and it does not do that by ignoring this vital question of who leads the Party and as far as I am concerned Ed Miliband simply isnt good enough to lead and will lose Labour the next election. Ergo he has to to go.


  13. Dave Kirk says :

    Darrell you say “this is about how the left becomes a hegemonic force and it does not do that by ignoring this vital question of who leads the Party”.

    Of course it matters who leads the party, this is the reason you should not call for Miliband to go now. If Miliband is ousted it will not be John Mcdonnell or Meacher who replaces him. It will be Burnham or Miliband Senior. Blairites who want to take the final step in destroying the worker element in the ‘bourgeois workers party”.


  14. darrellgoodliffe says :


    But thats it isnt it Dave. Let me spell it out. Ed Miliband will not win a General Election. Ergo it is in the best interests of this *party* he goes. I am not interested in putting the factional concerns of the left before this Party and neither should you be, if you are, you will never be listened too by the wider Party and rightly so. If the left cannot act in interests other than its sectional advantage it will never be a hegemonic force because it cant be.


  15. Adam says :

    He’s useless.


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