Why the Conservatives can never be trusted with the NHS….

Apparently, the British public don’t trust David Cameron and the Conservatives with the National Health Service. Good for them. This is one moment where I applaud their instinctive good judgement. Why should they? The ‘inspiration’ for Conservative health service reforms comes from such ‘unbiased’ sources as Nurses for Reform. Back in the day, Nurses for Reform used to be much more open and honest about who they are – vultures circling around the provision of free at the point of use public healthcare.

Strike 1 on why the Conservatives should never be trusted. It would be churlish to hold their history, of voting against the National Health Act, against them on one level because all parties have voted objectionable ways. Daniel Hannan, still a darling for many grassroots Conservatives, if not the leadership who wish he would just go away and stop saying what they all really think in private is on record as seeing the NHS as a gigantic ’60 year mistake’. Incidentally, if Hannan is as orgasmically in love with America as he seems to be in this clip, why can’t he just go and live there and do us all a favour (though not necessarily Americans, it has to be said).

The fact is that the fandango danced over Lansley’s reforms, which has been one of the most large scale theatrical productions since Kenneth Brannagh’s ego had to be forcibly removed from Broadway, was purely for show. It was mainly not, as is popularly assumed, for the benefit of the Liberal Democrats whose self-stroking this week has reached frankly scary proportions but for the benefit of Cameron’s own voter base. Giving that tend to the older end of the age healthcare is an issue that concerns them greatly and i’m not convinced they are ready for Lansley’s machete attack on NHS provision.

The Conservatives never can be trusted with the NHS – they despised it from the off and still do. I am sure the British public will continue to bear that in mind and not be fooled by the smoke and mirrors currently on show from Dave & Co.


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2 responses to “Why the Conservatives can never be trusted with the NHS….”

  1. gillig says :

    Hannan has gone off the bottom of the scale.Pondlife.
    What happened to the Video. I thought it is OK to post U Tube stuff?


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Well quite….errr no problem I just decided to hyperlink to it on this occasion….no mystery or conspiracy there I am afraid 🙂


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