President Cameron….

A couple of things struck me about David Cameron’s announcement of the latest government u-turn today – one of them that he clearly doesn’t trust his ministers to take charge of big policy announcements. On the surface this is the case even when it’s a major reversal like it was today in the case of Ken Clarke’s sentencing policy or it has been previously in the case of the ‘NHS Pause’. However, the important thing to remember is although in both instances it was ‘tail-between-your-legs’ time for the ministers in question that’s not necessarily the case for Cameron himself.

I can’t imagine many better photo-ops for a Conservative leader than standing before the nation telling them your over-cuddly and definitely too liberal Justice Secretary has had to climb down on giving a huge 50% reduction in sentences for a guilty plea. It gets better. You are going to increase them for serious offenders. What better was is there to appeal to local Conservative sharks  and their finely-honed Daily Mail mindset?

Cameron is a different kettle of fish to Clegg – he obviously is a competent leader for one thing and it’s not an accident that his approval ratings traditionally poll higher than those of the government. He has more than a dash of Tony Blair about him but remains more understated and subtle in my eyes – his air of aloofness no doubt comes his Eton days. This going to become a huge problem for Labour – burdened currently as it is with the leader it is. Cameron has a Teflon quality which makes it hard to turn this aloofness against him – people will generally not dislike Cameron but hate his government I think. This could be enough, in a tight-race, to save the Conservatives. Whether we like it or not this kind of thing matters in politics today. President Cameron may well yet have more aces up his sleeve….



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3 responses to “President Cameron….”

  1. David Harney says :

    A Presidential style yes. Likable No. In order to like a person I have to trust them. They have to have an endearing, human quality. Basically all the things Cameron lacks in buckets. My impression of the man, is a `Glass-President`. What I mean by that is he appears to look the part, but pretty soon you begin to see straight through him. He twists & turns, ducks & dives, wriggles & squirms his way from one government cock-up to another. Patronizing become a fine art with Mr Cameron, & his petty childishness knows no bounds. Sinking to the level of throwing insults when out thought & out manouvered. The differences between the REAL president & Cameron was manifest at Mr Obama`s recent UK visit. Addressing both Houses, Mr Obama spoke with passion, deliberation, & force. Hairs on the backs of necks stood to attention. The camera panned to Cameron & his rabble, Cameron`s eyes glazed, his face mezmarized at what he saw & heard, & you could almost hear him think: “God hes my hero, I wish I could be like him”!
    Because he is not real, or genuine, it is but a matter of time before the glass cracks. Then the floor will belong to Labour. Let us not be fooled by this Accomplished Etonian Actor! Enjoyed the blog as always!!


  2. ianrobo says :

    See his comments putting the top brass military down, that is all about arrogance and it will trip him up and we see that at PMQ’s and he will go at some point and then it changes the game.

    but he can do all the uturns he wants but the economy is the big one and that is conditioned by circumstances, utruns on that and he is politically dead


  3. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I think the first thing we have to remember is that we look at Cameron through the eyes of people with our politics; not the eyes of people who have no real politics or different politics.

    Is he genuine? Probably not no in so far his instincts are probably to the right of what he says but he certainly comes comes across as more genuine as his pupp…I mean Deputy PM and this is another virtue for Cameron in having him around.

    Will people see through him? I’m not convinced they will you know. One of the things I would say for sure is Ed Miliband wasn’t the best choice to put up against him because questions are legitimately asked about what he truly believes. Cameron constantly references Balls for a reason, Balls scares him, even when Ed land’s blows on Cameron, Cameron often makes Miliband look like a petulant child.


    A healthy does of arrogance is required to think you can be PM and actually be it. PMQ’s really doesnt matter, its quite worrying really to see how much it matters to say, the Twitterati compared to how much it matters to the real world. I will say this, Tony Blair was unpardonably arrogant and eventually it did bring him down, but not before he won three elections so dont underestimate the power of it.

    I agree the economy is the big one though.


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