Labour’s divided left….

A fundamental divide exists on Labour’s left between the majority which support Ed Miliband’s leadership and a tiny minority which don’t – those which have abandoned all hope of substantive real and worthwhile advance under this leadership. Typical of the somewhat rose-tinted nature of the former’s view of the world is this post by Jon Lansman on Left Futures. Speaking on the proposal that Shadow Cabinet elections be ended he argues;

Ed must put his stamp on the party. That for which he was elected. Let them demonstrate that their abilities and their commitment to the path the party chooses merit their position. And when party democracy has been restored, when the party has chosen its programme, when the party has chosen its parliamentary representatives in a democratic fashion without the corruption and nepotism of the New Labour years, than we shall argue for the reintroduction of elections by the parliamentary party not only to the shadow cabinet, but also to the cabinet.

Now, how a brutal centralisation of power in the hands of executive can magically lead to flowering of inner-party democracy is a bit beyond me but maybe i’m missing something hey? However, this very fuzzy thinking is typical of the leftist defenders of the leadership who conveniently ignore the fact that Ed isn’t really the closet social democrat just itching to do good that he presented himself as being during the leadership race. I happily admit to being wrong in thinking he could have been; but even I didn’t him expect to behave just quite as much like a factional leader as he has nor fall so quickly under the thrall of Blue Labour.

A day of awakening, when the majority is forced by events  to confront the error of its world view will inevitably come,  but in the meantime, it’s fuzzy thinking is damaging the strategic advance of Labour’s left by robbing it of it’s critical faculties and weakening it in every way.


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15 responses to “Labour’s divided left….”

  1. Hokum says :

    Not since the 80s has Jon Lansman been a leftist!


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Well….regardless of what you think of the comrades personal politics, he certainly represents the majority view of the Labour left which is to tactically support Ed Miliband and his leadership…..


  3. John p reid says :

    Jon lansman isn’t the sort of person laobur needs, I accept that there would have been former members who left over Iraq, who have returned to us andmost would have returned had Andy burnham or Ed Balls won, Ed miliband is wrong on scrapping shadow cabinet eelctions/ dna kept of the innocent, and that may have disapointed those who want laobur to swing leftwards,
    At the moemnt we have Jon cruddas and some others who bakced Ed milibands campaign supprting blue laobur as it can appeal to the aspirational working class who bought their council homes, at the same time Some Blairites like the man himself and Helen Goodman who has admitadlly raised some good criticisms of blue laobur, thre has been the likes of Sunny hundal and Laurie penny who’ve joined labour who have supported flase allegation agisnt the police of brutality .like Jody mcintyre’s false claim and support those who commited criminal acts like the fella who through the fire extuingisher off the tory hq roof,, yet Ed miliband has rightly denounced these people and UKuncut,, ed milibnad criticsing ken clarke for saying the hassle of a trial for those victims could be lessened if the cahance to pelad guilty for a lower tariff was introduced, was a mistake on ed’s part too.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Jody McIntyre’s ‘false claim’ deary deary me….have you considered working in communications for the police?


  5. John p reid says :

    No but i could do communications for the IPCC ,as it was the Ipcc who handed the police the info that his claim was false, A claim that he and his lawyers didn’t reject, more than a month later


  6. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Sounds like a whole new career is opening up before you….


  7. John p reid says :

    When jason accourtfaces trial for stephen lawrence murder, and some on the left of labour say with the abolition of double jeopardy that Accourt should face a re trial for the lawrence case ,but if a black person was cleared of killing a white person and then tried under double jeopardy- then that black person shouldn’t face trial under double jeopardy, ,A comment like that would do labour so much damage, I could get a job with Labour spending years desperately trying to rebuild labours image.


  8. darrellgoodliffe says :

    I’m not sure your efforts in the latter regard would be widely appreciated…because your view of these things tends to be hopelessly one sided…


  9. John Reid says :

    Believe me Darrell, If any of the suspects cleared of Killing P.C Blakelock are retried under the abolition of double jeopardy and anyone Like Diane Abbott says’ “with the aboltion of double jeopardy the Stephen lawrence suspects should face a new trial,but with the abolition of double jeopardy the Blakelock suspects shouldn’t face a new trial, then that sort of comment would put laobur out of power for 50 years.


  10. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Im not sure I agree with the abolition of double jeopardy in any case….i think circumstances where your allowed to be tried again have to be the exception not the rule…really they should be extraordinary provision within double jeopardy


  11. John p reid says :

    I agreenow i except innocent till proved guilty and that in those 2 cases only one of them examples has anyone been charged with double jeopardy, but /I can’t see any difference between the 2 cases, peoplle killed by people of A different skin colour by people who allegedly)didnt like the skin colour of the people they killed (well that’s what the families/ the mcpherson report feels)
    the local communities hid the killers and racist organistation did their best to prevent the killers from coming to jutice, Doreen lawrence stephens mum also backs the labour party and said Stephen was a member too. And people exploting the deaths to build poltical careers,


  12. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Are we agreeing on something? *faints*, I dont think Doreen Lawrence has any political aspirations and if your suggesting that she mentioned that to advance political interests I think thats plain wrong….


  13. John p reid says :

    I meant P.C blakelock was well known for hi sleft wing views, raisning an absolute fortune for teh iners in the miners strike Seveal o fhte local black cxommunity who new him liek Jeff crawford always paid tribute ot his pro black views at tribute evenings, but at the same time when blakelock was killed Bernie grant said it was bloody good” admittedly this was taken out of context, but during the 1987 general elelction the tories portrayed laobur and Grant as left wing extremists by keep repeating this comment and associsating laobur with, it, That comment undenaibaly cost labour millions of votes, My point aobut LAwrence supporitng the laobur party was that “the labour party” has it’s own bad hsitory Iraq, but laobur exploited the Mcpherson report to try to get black people to vote for it, this was someithing that doreen lawrence agreed on.


  14. John p reid says :

    not sure if you got what I meant here darrell,saying “i think circumstances where your allowed to be tried again have to be the exception not the rule…really they should be extraordinary provision within double jeopardy” my point was that there are those in laobur who will say hypathetically that if some black poeple commited the anti white raicst murder of a white P.C and are cleared and more evidence comes to light that they may have done it, that they should’nt face a re trial ,but the stephen lawrence suspects should, then that sort of hyporcrisy sayign that one perosn should face a retrial based on the colour of their skin but another shouldn’t would be so hypacrticial it would be sickening and suicide for labour,


  15. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Well yes I agree there would be a double standard there but id judge both on the credibility of the evidence in front of me….


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