Ed Miliband: Your voice in tough times?


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4 responses to “Ed Miliband: Your voice in tough times?”

  1. gillig says :

    Have you decided who you would prefer as your leader?
    Best to get someone who is good at sums, but not if they are an immigrant according to our government.
    If these slime-balls had a clue how to create employment, they would lead by example. The example I see is inbred unemployable idiots.
    That doesn’t stop the EU employing them.
    With your political ethos, bigger being better by default, I suppose you could select on height and weight. Add that to a new name; “BIG LABOUR”. You could rule the world, oh, I forgot, that’s already the plan.
    Must rush, there is a new machine in the mall where you can buy gold; I wouldn’t want to get stuck in the queue with Gordon.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Ideally, there would be somebody in the next generation but of all the options available i’d probably take Ed Balls.


  3. gillig says :

    You need to think outside the cricket box.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Lisa Nandy would possibly be good, Rachel Reeves will, I have a sneaking feeling, be Labour’s first female leader and our (Labour’s) first female Prime Minister but I doubt she would give me what I want politically…


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