Is Cameron next?

This is the big question on everybody’s lip’s following today’s resignation of Scotland Yard Assistant Commissioner John Yates, aka ‘Yates of the Yard’, and yesterdays of Sir Paul Stephenson. Certainly, there are one or two more big resignations left in ‘Hackgate’ and political figures have been conspicuous by their absence from the roll call of the fallen thus far. Cameron certainly must be feeling the heat but is there enough to topple him? Boris Johnson’s Press Conference this afternoon, straight from the Coco-the-Clown school of bumbling and fumbling in front of the nation, in which he refused pointedly to back Cameron will add to the feeling his is possibly positioning himself for a leadership bid.

Little doubt exists in my mind that Cameron is a broken-read as a leader. The plain fact is that he has never been popular amoung significant and powerful sections of the Conservative Party and no doubt some will see this as an ideal opportunity to bin him off. If they don’t succeed now then they will doubtless keep trying and this will give their attempts impetus. Secretly, they will be watching with satisfaction as he is humiliated by Miliband and his poll ratings plummet.

If a senior Conservative was now to get the ball rolling and call for his resignation then that would probably be that. Both Cameron and his sock-puppet, Clegg will be dispensed with by a Conservative Party raring to have a go at Labour and win an overall majority for themselves. However, I have to question whether there is enough here to get rid of him and whether his enemies will instead bide their time and bin him off over something else. Hackgate is bad and has made him look like a clown but I don’t think its commanding enough passion within the wider electorate to justify a Party dispensing with a Prime Minister.

Cameron will emerge from this scandal much weakened but, I predict, still as Prime Minister….for now at least…..


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2 responses to “Is Cameron next?”

  1. gillig says :

    A roller coaster of a post.
    Boris for PM.
    Milly’s poll ratings.
    I was beginning to think he just doesn’t get it;
    Then straight back down with Cameron will still be PM because they haven’t got enough dirt on him.(YET?)
    I can only add that Cameron’s behaviour starts to make sense when you accept that he doesn’t actually give a toss about being PM. His ambitions are firmly fixed on the EU.
    You may not have a problem with that as a political ideal, but the reality is; What is starting to happen in Greece will spread and the next govt will inherit a country sold out to the EU and civil disorder.
    I would like him to stay and watch UKIP force an IN/OUT referendum in 2014.
    That would make the2015 GE a tad interesting?


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Well I do aim to entertain lol. Really don’t think Boris has a chance, Davis would be a better choice I think.

    I dont think there is enough on him in this, I think they might go for it over another issue.

    He’s ambitious for the EU :S.


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