The Met must be held accountable for its actions…

So, it looks like London is set to burn for a second night. The last two nights represent the pinnacle of the failure of the  Metropolitan Police Authority in both its duty to maintain law and order and do so in a way that can obviously command the trust and support of  the people of London. It is not hard to see why and how this trust has been lost, as the smoke has cleared, reports have begun to come in that suggest the spark for the Tottenham riots may well have been an unacceptable act of police brutality and aggression towards a 16 year old girl:

“They beat her with a baton, and then the crowd started shouting ‘run, run’, and there was a hail of missiles,” said Anthony Johnson, 39. “She had been saying: ‘We want answers, come and speak to us.'”

Is it now a crime to ask questions of the police in this country? Is it an act that should be met with this response? Of course, this is not the case, if we still hold it true that we live in anything approaching a democracy.  This is especially true when the questions seem to be valid ones about a fatal shooting of somebody, who it was initially claimed shot at police but now, those claims are looking dubious, to say the least.

The truth of the claim that a 16 yo was attacked needs to be established and any officer found to have taken part in this should be dismissed and charged like the common criminal they are. If there is truth in this, then these people are no better than those they are desperately trying too, and failing to control. It should go without saying that those that enforce the law must never be seen to be above it, if they are then, well, we have seen the results on London’s streets. The law ceases to function.

Of course, that is unlikely to happen; too much has been whitewashed; too much swept under the carpet and the Met, to put not too fine a point on it, has been living a life far too free of the fear of the consequences of its action for far too long. It’s impunity, its seeming impregnability stems from its role in national policing. It is responsible for co-ordinating and leading counter-terrorism efforts, the protection of the Royal Family and of senior government ministers. This gives it a close relationship to the state, a too close relationship for it to be considered trustworthy and capable of properly being the neutral enforcer of the law it is meant to be. All these functions should be stripped from it immediately – they should be made the responsibility of either a newly created force or incorporated into the remit of other bodies.

Furthermore, it needs to feel the heat of accountability but accountability to the people. As a transitional measure to its eventual oversight but a directly elected and independent body, it should be placed under the temporary direct supervision of the London Assembly. The Mayor should have no further say in how the Met is run and he certainly should not cherry-pick the members of the MPA which should be disbanded in its current form and re-formed on the basis of being directly elected and being an independent body from the Assembly. Finally, a full public inquiry into the riots and, by extension, the Met,  must be held.

The rioters are out of control but so is the Met. It’s time it was brought to book and made responsible for its actions. If it isn’t then it will continue to act with impunity and fail in its duties and London will continue to burn.



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8 responses to “The Met must be held accountable for its actions…”

  1. John Reid says :

    there was one or two stories in the media that a 16 year old girl had been hit by A P.C one on the radio, one on twitter ,are you seriously saying the 500 plus looters who were going to the other Parts of tottenham in the early evening to strip the Argos and aldi stores of T.V’ becasue they’d all heard that a girl had been beat up by police,

    Whatever the case with Duggan, it’s a fact that A operation trident surveliance mission was to stop him in the mini cab and that , there was a gun recovered at the scene that wasn’t a police one, and that shots were fired from a Non police gun aswell as the fatal shot that hit duggan, and Yes the police new that Duggan was a leading part in the infamous drug gang the Tottenham man dem.
    the police are fialing in theri job to not maintain law and order, I didn’t know that was the police job,
    But i’m remminded of the Police federations commets in 1983 and 1986, that when the laobur party had in it’s manifsto’s to scrap armed police and the Territorial support group (riot police) that the police fed said that if labour had those polices, the Police fed “couldn’t see how they could maintain law and order” the police chiefs are worried about sending out the TSG to public order events at the best of time, One way then if you feel it is the police job to keep law and order, is for the TSG to be deployed at all public order events without fear of criticism from the public.

    There were allegation that lfie emadows was turned away from a hospital after recieving a head injury (while participating in a protest that he has now been charge with violent disorder,for throwing a mesh fence at police), the allegation that the police turned away meadows from hospital turned out not to be true

    Jody mcintyre said that the he co-operated with police who wanted him to move to the side of the road for his own safety in a protest as a crowds was surging towards him and that htey turfed him out, teh Polceilead IPCC investigation found out that Mcintyre locked the breaks on his wheel chair and the police lawfully dragged him to his safety for fear of the crowd crushing him,

    the Smiley culture investigation starts next week, based firmly now on the view that he stabbed himslef, yet many wanted to make capital saying hhe was stabbed by police.

    the IPCC inquiry into the death of Ian TOmlinson after being pushed to the gorund by P.C Simon harwodd ,found that 6 different p.C.s who witnessed it reported it to City of london police (who were originally carrying out the investigation straight away)and that another 2 P.C.s put remarks aobut it in their pocket books, the IPCC inquiry into the Tomlinosn case found apart from Harwood ,that No P.C had misled the public, but that didn’t stop gossip that the police tried to cover that up.


  2. john reid says :

    there’s a phone clip on youtube allegedly of the girl incident, “riot” police are around the girl?, shes on the floor and they trying to keep her to the ground ,a female who witnesses it is shouting it’s a fu@king girl leave her alone you cu@ts

    the footage is pitch black and must have took place well after 930, there police car in theback ground that got set on fire was well burnt out by then


  3. darrellgoodliffe says :


    No, I would imagine they are a combination of poor, pissed off people and actual criminals who simply took advantage. Regardless, the breakdown of trust between the Met and the community is an established fact. Seemingly it seems to be incidental to you whether Duggan was murdered or not, this should not be the case. If he was murdered then he is the victim of a crime.

    I am minded to say the armed police units should be scrapped, since they can obviously not discharge their weapons in a sensible and proportionate way. None of the things you cite are even proof Duggan had a weapon. In fact, has it not occurred to you they could have simply raided the evidence locker or else would carry weapons not immediately identifiable as the police ones. I have seen nothing that proves conclusively that Duggan was a) armed and b) fired at police.

    The fact is the Met does not have the trust required to police effectively and therefore the central points here stand.


  4. john reid says :

    great become home secretary ,scrap armed police, then if a P.c is killed becuase they have to tackled an armed criminal ,when the police officer is unarmed and killed ,you can be the one who’s prosecuted for corporate manslaughter then,

    as for the police just raidnig the guns locker, a very similar comment to nick Griffin saying that it was another black person who killed stephen lawrence


  5. john reid says :

    You mention they are poor, the police have had a two year pay freeze, have had their contribution from their pay put up from11% to 14.2% and laobur when in power went back on arbitrations agreed pay deal and didn’t give 1% they deserved,

    When Raoul moat shot dead his exgrlfirends new boy firend and blinded by shooting a P.C. he was eventually cornered by police who had guns and Tazers, Moat wanted to go on to kill his exgirflreind, Tazers only have a distance of 25 feet, adn they have stab proof (not bullet proof vests, so teh police had to take shelter from 35 feet away behind a fence, the inquiry found that even with a new tazer that could go the 35 feet only one of the 2 prongs needed to pass the electiric shock into Moat actaully made contact with him, and even then the prong only enbedded itself in his clothes ,so the polcie couldn’t electric shock him, as a unarmed P.C wouldn’t have been able to arrest Moat, what would unamred polcie have done in that situation let him run off into the night, he had a gun and was intent on kiling his exgirlfriend, Scrap armed police and then the police will be powerless to stop armed criminals

    come to think of it if scrapping armed police was the answer after jean charles demenez being wrongly killed, tehn when bernie grant funded Broadwater farm youth club, that collected petrol bombs to kill a Police officer, then as bernie grant was in the laobur party, by your defenition, armed police wrongly kill people , and bernie grant lets the youth club collect pertol bombs to kill P.C.s then the labour party should have been scrapped too.


  6. john reid says :

    You could be onto something saying that the police planted a gun at the scene of the Duggan shooting afterwards, maybe they new that shooting Duggan would cause all these Riots, After teh Police have comeo ut very well out of it ,after teh 3 year pay freeze ad the 3% increase in their pension contributions, and all the bad stories they get in the daily mail, the Mail is now their biggest ally and they’re getting loads of overtime


  7. darrellgoodliffe says :

    I dont think they shot Duggan with that intent, though they did hold back on dealing with the riots for pretty much that reason. Its at least a possible scenario dont you think? I know if id shot somebody in cold blood by mistake id give some serious thought to at least trying to provide some context to my actions which may justify them….


  8. john reid says :

    The police aren’t allowed to say anything after they shoot someone (and it wasn’t in cold blood) of course the fact that the polce ahve been cut by as much as 40 % in outer london by Boris and cut upto 5000 in london By cameron, the police new they were overwhelmed, and feltht ehy might die, I seen Boris has told Cameron not to cut so manypolice, now if only Boris had sone the same


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