Physician heal thyself, Mr Cameron!

David Cameron thinks society is “sick”. Obviously, Mr Cameron has not passed a mirror recently, because obviously, if he had, he might have had to ask himself some pretty searching questions. A “sense of entitlement” pretty much describes his own social background and indeed, his own career progress, and indeed his own mentality. One wonders how else you can characterise the actions of the Bullingdon Club.

I will give Cameron one concession though, he is not the only one, his own actions, his own stance is symptomatic of a wider and quite breathtaking hypocrisy on the part of the entire political class. How else can you characterise the expenses scandal, Hackgate, the numerous obvious and flagrant excision of power and taking what you please to the detriment of democracy  and wider society. The fact is the ruling class, the rich, are degenerate as is their system which has ceased to benefit anybody but them and today’s session of Parliament is a parade of canting hypocrisy of the highest order.

The sociological background of some of the arrested shows us clearly that even the sons and daughters of the middle class (let alone the poor) have clearly lost confidence that capitalism can provide for them and their futures. This is a significant development because it shows how deep the rot has set in and it shows how distant the ruling political elite has become not just from the uber poor but also from the majority.

This is why extending state power is the wrong response because what begins as the state v the ‘criminal minority’ will end as the state v the vast majority of the people. People want truths in these circumstances to be simple, they aren’t; they don’t want to talk about a degenerate social system, a degenerate ruling elite that is sinking under the crushing weight of its own anti-democracy and socially profound deep injustice. One of these truths is that David Cameron is a living embodiment of the sickness he condemns; now that is a truth that people really need to hear.


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