David Cameron takes the lead in the axe-race…..

Our Prime Minister enjoys a nice photo-op while London and the UK riots...Our Prime Minister enjoys a nice photo-op while London and the UK riots...

We live in very interesting times, in their own special way, and for completely different reasons, all three leaders of the main political parties are in unstable positions. Ed Miliband has had a recent strong innings but is facing real problems over, amoung other things, internal Party reform in the shape of Refounding Labour. Nick Clegg is leading an increasingly restive Party, disillusioned with the sacrifices it is making to maintain its place in government and last, but no means least, David Cameron is leading a Conservative Party that is increasingly highly brassed off with his distant and ‘hands-off’ leadership style. It is not inconceivable that none of the three main Party leaders will make the next election.

Cameron’s style of governance, reinforced by the news that yet again he is on holiday, is reinforcing the sense of disconnect most people feel from an Old Etonian as Prime Minister. You would say that, people will say, after-all I am a member of the opposition Party, yet it is not just the partisan who are alinged to Labour that are disillusioned with Cameron; that notable organ of Labour-bias, the Daily Mail, headlined news of the Cameron’s new holiday adventures, ‘Cameron’s swan-off to Cornwall for their fifth break of 2011’. He was so busy in Tuscany, ‘spending time with his young family’ [sic] that he managed to squeeze in a photoshoot with a Tuscan waitress; while smashed and broken restaurants in London where burnt to the ground.

This forms a discernible pattern of behaviour with Cameron, its a pattern of behaviour which typified his handling of the phone hacking crisis; as he got even more desperate he asked us to believe that he simply hadn’t bothered checking if Andy Coulson had been involved in hacking or not. This is also often in evidence at Prime Ministers Questions where his grasp of the detail is frequently very poor indeed. It’s the pattern of behaviour of a derelict who thinks he is born to rule, not that he rules by consent of the people at all.

Cameron has never been particularly liked by the Party that elected him.  It has always been a case of a love-hate relationship between him and the blue rinse brigade. Much like the Labour Party with Tony Blair, the Conservatives saw Cameron as a necessary evil to become electable again. However, crucially he has nowhere near Blair’s electoral record. Blair’s election record is what encased him in a pretty impenetrable shield and it built him a base of genuine support within Labour. Reluctance and hesitancy became, in some areas, genuine enthusiasm for Blair and his agenda.

David Cameron has nowhere near that record and nowhere near that base in the wider Party. Tony Blair delivered a huge landslide, where as David Cameron has delivered his Party a Coalition it, in private, loathes and despises. So it is that in the axe-race, following ‘Hackgate’ and the summer riots, it is now David Cameron who is looking the most likely to fall first and for that, he only has himself to blame.


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2 responses to “David Cameron takes the lead in the axe-race…..”

  1. Graham Gillis says :

    You, Cameron and most people seem to forget that Cameron was unable to win the last election against a virtually unelectable Labour. If Labour had realised how damaging Brown was earlier, the Lib Dems could have put you into power.
    I don’t see Cameron stepping down and there is no obvious contender to instigate a vote of no confidence. The EU will eventually split the coalition as it splits the Tories. However Cameron doesn’t care about being PM or his party. He will hang on with his eyes firmly on his EU ambitions.
    No party wants to face the truth, that UK debt is out of control and there is no alternative to bankruptcy. The problem is not unique to the UK but the solution lies here, not in the Euro or Gordons globall globball’s. To get elected you have to remove all vestiges of Browns economics, Balls and then some !
    Tough times ahead and the sooner we start the better. Frustratingly 2015 is my bet for the GE, with Cameron as leader, and the Tories standing on staying in the EU. Whether a majority of Labour want in or out, the offer of a referendum will be a Labour election promise, and will have to be an unconditional one, if you want to be believed!
    The pressure for an EU referendum will be peaked by the European Elections in 2014. UKIP are likely to win the most seats and will quite rightly demand a referendum. If Cameron ignores this, and I get my way, UKIP MEP’s will refuse to attend the EU. The outcome of this policy is impossible to predict, but it will certainly make for an interesting General Election.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    No I take your point on that one. In fact, that makes Cameron’s failure worse because the Conservatives were demanding their 1997. We will have to wait and see how that all pans out, but I cant see the government lasting till 2015, my money is on later next year/early 2013.

    I suspect we would disagree on the road to Labours election victory. I dont think Europe will have had any impact on the next election, you overestimate how much the electorate care…


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