The emerging ‘anti-capitalist’ right….

The Daily Telegraph is starting to articulate and cohere the anti-capitalism of the right....

One of the things that has made the political right more successful over the preceding several decades now is its political dynamism. Unlike the left, which often makes a positive virtue out of atrophy, the right is often quicker to recognise changing circumstances and adapt accordingly. It is in this regard that we should understand the increasing use of ostensibly ‘anti-capitalist’ rhetoric by an increasing number of right-wing commentators. Something is wrong, they tell us, the left, rightly recognise that, they recognise that wealth is unevenly distributed and this leads to the ‘irresponsibility’ of the rich and powerful. In saying this they are only responsing to the current global of travails of the world economy and the crisis of confidence this is rightly causing in capitalism. Of course, we know they want to reform capitalism to make it better but it is still a significant development.

It reflects a wider social reality, the massive attack on not just societies poorest and most vulnerable but the increasing cannibalisation of the middle classes by capitalism. Prices and costs are rising but its incomes are not, at least not enough to cover the rising costs, and its being drowned in debt. Meanwhile, its sons and daughters are being saddled with a mountain of debt just for attending university.

This threatens the traditional sociological solidarity between the middle classes and the 1 or 2% who hoard all the wealth and represent the controlling interests in society. Part of the glue that bound this union together was tempting prospect for the middle classes that one day, they could join this elite club. Tuition fees is a practical example of how that ambition is now being denied. Worse still, most middle class people know its far more likely they will be driven down into the gutter to maintain the profits of societies elite. This is proving a futile breeding ground for fear and loathing of people like ‘fat-cat bankers’ even in the heart of leafy middle class suburbia and, dont even get them started on a political class whose leading representatives are now so blatantly obvious representatives of the same social elite that is bleeding them dry.

So, when Telegraph column writers inveigh against this social elite they are only expressing the frustration and anger of this sector. Capitalism has failed all but the this elite and many on the right now recognise that and realise something must be done. The foundations are being laid for a powerful alliance between the middle-classes and an atomised and beaten working class that will attack capitalism from the right. In doing so, it will also likely use tools such as extreme nationalism and may even seek the curtailment of Parliamentary democracy. So, what can the left do? Well the left needs to, in short, wake up and get with the program, junk its outdated and slavish adherence to theory that hasnt been renewed for close to a 100 years now. It probably also has to engage with this development but by developing an indepedant programme of demands, one that can create the same union of all the democratic classes, yes, the middle class are a democratic class, around a set od demands that promote extended democracy and social justice.



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7 responses to “The emerging ‘anti-capitalist’ right….”

  1. Graham Gillis says :

    I etimate the debt left to us by your Labour Government to be £225000.00 and rising per person.
    That’s £9000.00 each, per year just in interest, without reducing the Debt.
    Labour will get no votes from anyone who can do sums.


  2. john reid says :

    Grahma gillis whats 225000,00, when the country owned A 100,000 council houses and Nationalied industires like water gas, tleecom adn teh Rialway which were worth trillions Upto 1979 the Country owned A National health service that was worth trillions, but by 1997 it was on it’s last legsm

    regarding the article darrell ,i’m not trying to defend it ,but i think it’s saying that there were people who voted labour in the 80’s and 90’s who went over to the Libdems in the late 90’s who are coming back, rather than people who had always voted Libdem in the 80’s ,90’s and have only came over to labour now as of the Coalition, the sort of people who were pro civil liberites, rather than the ones who were Labour up to 1979 switched to the SDP becuase of the trots infultrating albour and came back to labour when they felt that labour had gone back to being centre left.


  3. Graham Gillis says :

    @John. Are you saying they are all theives. I hope so.
    There isn’t a fag paper difference between the LibLabCon.
    They are all now taking our tax money from the EU by joining Pan European Parties.
    The money is for their political campaigns, and it’s big bucks. This as I am sure you know is illegal in the UK. Not to mention politically immoral.
    Hang your head in shame Labour.


  4. john reid says :

    This was supposed to have gone in the Champagne socialist blog, but i must have put it in the wrong one,I know your Anti the EU graham ,funny thing is the french own our water and gas they were sold to them in the late 80’s by thatcher many of her supprters went off and formed UKIP.Water dngas bill srise more now the indsutries are privatised, so going on about teh debt labour left us, thanks to some of your friends in UKIp, (when they were tories)thats more on the cost of living due to them,


  5. Graham Gillis says :

    You decide if Lab or Con are worse at running the country, if it’s important.
    People leave the Cons and Lab to join UKIP.
    There are plenty in UKIP who want vital services back in the public sector.
    UKIP aren’t anti EU, we just don’t want to be ruled by them.
    Did you vote for the common market? I did.
    No one has had a vote since, that’s no one under the age of 54.
    I didn’t vote for; (To pay for)
    A European Parliament
    European Political Parties directly funded by my TAX MONEY!
    European Police Force.
    European Foreign Diplomatic Service
    European Army
    The end of Haebeus Corpus.
    The end of innocent until proven quilty.
    Anyone who votes LabConDim has only themselves to blame.
    You and Darrell havn’t got a clue about UKIP’s manifesto, just what the telly and papers tell you.
    Now UKIP have decided, by a democratic vote of all our members; That EU funding of political parties from British tax money is unacceptable. We have moved on to discussion of who we accept as members. We already ban anyone associated with the BNP.
    We don’t need any members if we are getting votes anyway, and the bigger the membership, the more a democratic ballot costs. We could, like Labour take some of our own tax money back from the EU. Then the EU would really have us by the Balls and the Osbournes.


  6. john reid says :

    no one has had a vote on EU member ship under the age of 54, apart from anyone who had the chance to vote labour in 1983, or vote UKIP in 92- present


  7. Graham Gillis says :

    A Labour vote will never get our freedom, just more lies, incompetence and complete surrender of our sovereignty.
    A referendum today would get us our freedom, and the EU is becoming rapidly less popular.
    You will find more people are now voting UKIP for our policies, leaving the EU is now just an added bonus.
    UKIP’s membership is going up.
    Labour’s membership is going down.
    Cons are going down faster.
    LibDim are history.


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