A UN Peacekeeping force should be sent to Libya….

Following the rather rapid implosion of the Gaddafi regime, the situation in Libya is fluid and dangerous. Distressing and disgusting reports that the NTC government is targeting black people and launching indiscriminate attacks on them are simply too numerous to ignore:

Human rights groups have expressed concerns about beatings and detentions of immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa.

”I really fear vigilante justice and retribution and attacks by civilians against other civilians,” said Richard Sollom, deputy director of Physicians for Human Rights, who completed a fact-finding mission in Misrata in June.

Meanwhile, the situation between Libya and Algeria is tense. Algeria have admitted to giving Gaddafi’s family shelter. I have little sympathy for the NTC here, yes Gaddafi and those of his family who took an active part in the regime (like his now infamous sons) should be held to account but hounding his wife and younger sons and daughters and demanding they stay in Libya leaves justice far behind and is well into revenge and retribution territory. Algeria is also stoking tensions by refusing to recognise the NTC government.

Meanwhile, NATO continues to help the NTC and shows little sign of any immediate plans for withdrawal. As can be seen however, NATO’s presence is not what is needed. What is needed is a ground force to ensure some stability; to protect innocents from vigilante action, and to dissuade the NTC from starting a shooting war with Algeria. NATO can obviously not perform any of these functions and its core countries are unlikely to oblige in any case. So, the burden falls on the United Nations to act principally in concert with the African Union. The AU needs to put its selfish posturing aside in refusing to recognise the NTC and think and act in the interests of the Libyan people. Whatever you think of the NATO intervention and the UN Resolution that led to it, whatever your opinion of the NTC even, these issues should be secondary to that primary concern.

It is time for the United Nations to take the lead, for NATO to withdraw, and ultimately, in the current context, that must mean a peacekeeping force be established and sent to Libya with utmost rapidity.


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9 responses to “A UN Peacekeeping force should be sent to Libya….”

  1. Steve says :

    Haven’t read about these allegations, but another UN peacekeeping operation is not the answer, would result in massive opposition from new Libyan govt. I have been struck by the humanity and lack of revenge towards captured Gidafi soldiers. Admittedly i have only witnessed what has been broadcast by the media stations…There may be radical elements that should be brought to task.

    Wouldn’t like to think about consequencies of being wrong, but have feeling that Libyan people are more humanitarian than iven credit for.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Allegations about the NTC’s mistreatment of blacks is widespread in the print media, The Independent ran a splash on it a few days ago and also see this


    As I said, too widerspread to ignore. Since the UN Resolution was designed for the protection of Libyan citizens I think it now needs to fufil that mandate.

    I think you will find the NTC could probably be won round, especially given the economic levers the UN can pull….


  3. Steve says :

    Surely the answer then is to pressurise the NTC into taking a strong stance and the NDC s ending out a clear message to all that those who commit such crimes will be prosecuted along with gadaffi loyalists…


  4. Graham Gillis says :

    The country is tribal by tradition. They must develop their own justice system to achieve a popular National Government. We cannot choose their enemies for them, or how they deal with them.
    You are asking for international forces to defend groups, not on quilt or innocence, but on the basis of colour. Your motivation for this demand is a hate of National Government. A wish to usurp its power to dispense justice, before it has a chance to become established.


  5. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Not much point when it’s the NTC doing the crimes though is there?


    Agreed but in lieu of that the UN has clearly taken upon itself the duty to protect Libyan citizens, I agree with this and therefore am calling upon them to honour there obligations. No its not, you dont understand my motivation at all so best keep your ignorance to yourself. I do think nation states are a thing of the past and must be held to account by higher powers in situations like this. You saying it was ok for Hitler to gas the Jews because that was ‘German law’?


  6. Graham Gillis says :

    I am saying there are a lot of mercenaries in Libya and most of them are black.
    What power is higher than a nation state, and by what right does it claim to be higher?
    Is this your World Domination Fantasy again?


  7. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Surely, in that case, their fate should be determined by an impartial power, not the NTC….the UN should be a higher power than any nation state….


  8. Graham Gillis says :

    Mercenaries can expect to be shot by anyone who has a gun.
    UN exists by the consent of Nation States, the clue is in the name.
    It is not “higher”.


  9. darrellgoodliffe says :

    It should be higher, and no, thats not justice, that is summary execution…


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