The vile hypocrisy of Mr Blair….

Some people within our Party still hang on every word Tony Blair says. However, the revelations of his and MI6’s active complicity with the Gaddafi regime in hunting down it’s enemies is simply a moment which should shame him and definitely shames our Party. Of course, we know that America and the UK regularly sold weapons to vile dictatorships which were, of course, used by these regimes to suppress their own people.  In the case of weapons sales they were facilitating (but not directly committing) the act of suppression. However, from these files its quite clear that we betrayed the trust of people who had fled Libya in terror of their lives. Such a shameful act of betrayal and complicity is inexcusable on any grounds, or at least it should be for decent people.

How then could Mr Blair talk about the undoubted barbarism of Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq and keep a straight-face, let alone lay any claim to the moral high ground? I am usually a liberal, democratic person but this is one of those instances where I would almost favour vigorous compulisive action to force him to keep his forked tounge behind his teeth and, before that is taken out of context, I am not being serious. It’s easy to be angry at Blair but his hypocrisy is symptomatic and wider problems.

Firstly, we have the muddle-headed ‘real politik’ argument which is peddled by the apologists of the likes of Mr Blair. I would like these people to explain that position to those people whose deaths we cause through these actions. Regardless of the moral question though, let’s be quite clear shall we? Dictatorship and the supression of any people is not in Britain’s long-term national interest in any way. Even if a regime will help us one time, it is in the nature of the beast that eventually it will menace Britain and the British people either directly or indirectly through the effect their regime has on its own people. Saudi Arabia’s dictatorship, for example, has had a baneful effect in its role in the spawning of Al Quaeda. So, the people who believe these alliances are in anybodies long-term interest are short-sighted fools.

Secondly, we must be quite clear that the West does not have a monopoly on ‘civilised’ [sic] values. How can this be the case when we promote these values in words, but in deed we connive in the brutal suppression of people? Do we really think people across the world are stupid enough to not see the obvious dichotomous between what we do and say? Sadly, hypocrisy is too often excused on the grounds mentioned above. It is time to do away with this notion that the ‘national interest’ is best served by speaking with a forked tongue when it comes to democracy and human rights. Within the context of the Labour Party, I would urge Mr Miliband to make it quite plain that he abhors the legacy left by Mr Blair in this regard. Labour, must never be the Party that does these things again, nor excuses them, if it is to be seen as a champion of consistent democracy and human rights. If it is, we can make all the pretty speeches we like but they will ultimately mean nothing to the people whose suffering we prolong and even directly cause.


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4 responses to “The vile hypocrisy of Mr Blair….”

  1. theflashingblade says :

    Thanks for the laugh. If people were stupid to listen to you Labour would be in opposition forever, Thank fuck they’re not.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :

    I think the reasoned nature of your contribution tells us all we need to know about the validity of your case 😉


  3. john reid says :

    GAddafi didn’t gas 300,000 kurds and the west were friends with Husain due to oil when we were blanket bombing Lybia, i wouldn’t agree with the words that the fashing blade put, but I can see his point.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    No he didn’t, but I am sure many Libyan’s will attest to his brutality the large number of fatalities of his own people he caused so lets not play the numbers game here.


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