What is the real agenda behind calls to ‘Sack Balls?

Dan Hodges wrote an interesting piece in the New Statesman yesterday which called for Ed Miliband to sack Ed Balls as Shadow Chancellor. Dan’s case is, how shall we put this gently? Deeply, deeply flawed and is almost soley based around the fact that Balls was integrally involved in the Brown regime. If this is a sackable offence then Mr Miliband will have to start by sacking himself one feels.

Not many more strings really exist to Dan’s bow, bless him. Rather pathetically, he actually concedes the economics that Balls espouses are correct but doesn’t feel it looks quite right ‘politically’. Such poor, empty arguments make you wonder what else could be going on, there must be another agenda because this one is so threadbare. I think there is. It’s well known that the two Ed’s don’t get on, something along with factional thinking that explains Miliband’s poor decision not to appoint Balls from the off and recently Balls has been winning some plaudits on the left for his softer stance towards the unions.

So, say Miliband sacked Balls; there is no doubt in my mind he would no longer feel the need to be loyal to Miliband’s leadership. He would become a powerful focal point for those disenchanted with the current leader. The agenda of Hodge’s becomes a little clearer, he wants to goad Ed (Miliband) into creating a rod for his own back by getting rid of Balls. Hodge’s is a known critic of the leadership and therefore his counsel should be treated with the utmost suspicion. If Ed Miliband sacks Ed Balls he will be putting personal animus before common political sense (not for the first time though) and will potentially destabilise the leadership to the point where it eventually ends. Balls is not blame for his leaders lack of direction and clear narrative; he has the competency and skill to continue in his job and if he ‘looks bad’ that is because of failings closer to Ed Miliband’s home. If he was let off the leash he has a clearer idea of where he wants to go and always seemingly has –  maybe that is why Miliband doesn’t like him and can’t see beyond his petty personal jealousies?


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8 responses to “What is the real agenda behind calls to ‘Sack Balls?”

  1. graham gillis says :

    Dan Hodges clearly states that the solution is an economics policy that people will trust and vote for.
    Dumping Piggy Ted clears the way, it doesn’t produce the goods.
    The best economists have abandoned LibLab policies and Osbourne is a joke. Copying the figures of a successful economy got Labour elected once; it works in the short term but without the correct philosophy guiding it, Labour drifted off course and into deficit. Deficit deniers in Labour will need to be silenced before you can see the fundamental flaw in Labours policy on the economy.
    Dan Hodges article is a fail, because he stops short of attacking Brownstuff Economics. Presumably because he is not an economist. We have the power to destroy the planet, but we can’t control the weather. Sack them and start again without the obsessive need to control the market.


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Your wrong about the economics; the market needs reining in desperately because it is what has caused this crisis….


  3. graham gillis says :

    While you remain part of the problem, the solution will leave you and your party unelectable. Voters won’t watch you destroy their prosperity by trying to control something that needs freedom from political interference operate.
    The cause of the crash can be traced back to politicians encouraging toxic levels of subprime mortgage lending. The market without interference would not have taken these suicidal actions.
    Government interference has compounded this by turning banking failure into public debt. Again the market would have dealt with this by now, but the problems escalate.
    Treating the market and capitalism, as an enemy to be tethered and in your personal agenda for capitalism, to be destroyed; is causing the downfall of your party. More importantly, with the help of Obama and the EU, it is ruining the once booming economies of the Western World.


  4. darrellgoodliffe says :


    “Voters won’t watch you destroy their prosperity” – errr that is exactly what the government is doing.

    What utter garbage, of course it would, it would do anything in search of a quick buck. It is the enemy, it’s the enemy of the people and they are increasingly realising this…


  5. John says :

    What utter garbage, of course it would, it would do anything in search of a quick buck. It is the enemy, it’s the enemy of the people and they are increasingly realising this…

    that’s why the tories are ahead in the polls…


  6. graham gillis says :

    Defecit denial is not limited to the Labour party.
    Do you know how big the UK defecit is?
    Is it the largest in Europe?
    Is it the largest in the world?
    Behind such wonderful countries as… this is too embarassing,
    Wait for the BBC doccmentary, and wait……


  7. darrellgoodliffe says :


    You cant really say that can you mostly because it isn’t really true, i’d say public opinion is turning slowly but surely against the markets…


    And it’s being made so much bigger by the way this government is trying to ‘cut’ it….


  8. graham gillis says :

    Then we come back to Balls economics.
    Either you are going to deny the defecit and claim he has the answers; Or dump the Brownstuff and move on.
    Who do you respect as an economist in this country?


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