In the case of Dale Farm, people are blinded by prejudice…..

Question Time on Twitter usually causes some heated debate and this week was no different. Dale Farm was one of the contentious topics. Sadly, I think people are thinking about this issue through the prism of their own prejudice against travelers. Of course, they make pious noises about need for ‘rule of law’ and of ‘equality before the law’ but the fact is if they believe in this then they need to make a more rounded consideration of the facts.

Serious questions need to be asked of Basildon Council and it’s conduct of the case. The claims that it is Green Belt land are in fact contested. Evidence exists that the council converted it into a brownfield site before the travelers even took ownership of the land:

Ray Bocking, the former owner of the site, alleges that the council themselves authorised (or were at least complicit with) the laying of hard-standing, and contracted Mr Bocking to store cars there. Aerial photographs from the 1990s clearly show the scrap yard on the eastern side of Dale Farm, the side where the ‘illegal’ Traveller settlements are now based.

Furthermore, if the above is true, then Basildon Council is guilty of a campaign based on misinformation and lies and last, but no means least, it is also guilty of perjuring itself both in front of the High Court and Court of Appeal. This has also been a costly campaign Currently the costs are estimated at close to £18 million. If Basildon Council has spent this money merely to persecute people whose lifestyle choices are not to their taste then maybe the government ought to view this as the kind of waste they are supposed to be cutting back on.

Indeed, a fraction of that money would have covered the costs of making satisfactory alternative arrangements for the travelers which the council are legally obliged to do. However, the council clearly have no interest in doing this because they are not concerned  with the law, with ‘Green Belt land’ or anything else but inflicting tyranny on a minority group whose way of living does not meet with their approval. I believe in equal application of the law but it is clear to me the Dale Farm evictions are not an example of this, rather they tend to point to prejudicial nature of the laws application in cases like this. So, by all means call for the eviction of the travelers if that is what you want but at least have the decency to admit the reason you want that is because of prejudice not because you some kind of noble defender of ‘equality before the law’.



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13 responses to “In the case of Dale Farm, people are blinded by prejudice…..”

  1. graham gillis says :

    If the council were obliged to put decisions to to the people they are elected to represent, by legally binding referendum, the problem would never have arisen.
    Would Labour endorse such a policy?
    No; because it takes power away from the council, and it is UKIP policy.


  2. Nico Che says :

    There is no democracy without respect for minority rights.


  3. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I really dont see how you figure that one. – probably I would say this eviction would pass (though not if the cost equation was presented) but Nico below is bang on the money….


  4. graham gillis says :

    The site would never have been allowed in the first place, which is the right of the people who already live there. They would stop their corrupt council with a referendum.


  5. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Well considering they are going to put it to more productive use than a scrapyard that would only show immensely silly people can be….


  6. graham gillis says :

    In this case it is, once again, a corrupt silly council that has allowed the development, while the ordinary people who you are calling silly get no say.


  7. darrellgoodliffe says :

    The council are not really allowing the development are they and it seems they may want to put an incinerator there instead of peoples homes….how productive..not


  8. graham gillis says :

    I would not question this decision if it had been reached by holding a referendum.
    Why would you? More room for a subsidised useless windmill if your wife held shares in the manufacturer?


  9. John says :

    The funny thing is all those green people who are normally agaisnt building on green belt are pro thses people building houses there, wtihout planning permission.


  10. graham gillis says :

    It seems that way because MSM lump people together into groups that suit their agenda. Assuming you refer to the protesters; Without judging their actions, I would be surprised if any of them have read the Green Party Manifesto, or are members of The Green Party.


  11. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I would question it yes because the fact is it doesn’t make economic sense, as evidenced by the cost, and then there is the persecution of minorities to consider…


  12. John says :

    You’d be suprised if middle class people from all over the U.K who are comparing the Dale farm protesters to Zimbabwe or the holocaust are green party members, as they consider the state criticisng anyone who doesn’t buy into the rat race as opressive, I wouldn’t be suprised at all if any of these so called prostesters are green party members


  13. graham gillis says :

    The Greens I know are not extremists, and the Green manifesto is pro-establishment enough to have an MP. The way Main Stream Media lump UKIP in with BNP and EDL along with Greens stinks. Then they turn round and say UKIP are all pissed off Tory’s. If It’s in MSM or on the BBC, it’s lies.


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