Ed doesn’t get it but Labour needs too….

I am a little surprised, from what I have seen in any case, that the sudden power outage that interrupted Ed Miliband’s speech being broadcast to television news stations hasnt been used more widely as a news hook. Before we get to what Ed said we have to understand one fundamental thing as a Party – what Ed says doesnt actually matter, he can make the most brilliant proclamations in the world and it simply doesnt matter. He isnt Prime Ministerial material, the voters have already decided that and wont elect him to be as such. The Party knows as such as well, deep-down and that is why it is fragmenting so badly, the right never liked him in the first place and even that timid soul, Dave Prentis has had enough of him on his left flank. He doesnt have the gravitas to command respect so people simply flake away and pursue their own agenda.

In a vain attempt to compensate for this he is becoming increaseingly authoritarian. I have it on good authority that members of the National Policy Forum, you know the body that is actually supposed to make our policy, have been told they can say nothing about policy. Shadow Ministers and Miliband himself are however, it seems, free to promote whatever hair-brained policy pops into their head at that particular moment. Usually these are ones that they think will play well on the evening bulletins.

Now to what he said. His lines on welfare were, as has become usual, shocking and quite clearly are informed by nothing more than his own ignorant prejudice. Ed simply doesnt understand the issues surrounding welfare and therefore his remarks are carefully calibrated not to address what is right in mind but what he thinks will garner the most votes. When it came to talking about re-balancing the economy and the need for more industry and innovation he was on safer ground and indeed ground Labour should be on.

Having said that though we are returned to the main point – that what Ed says is irrelevant. Ed understandably doesn’t get this – who would want to deal with that truth – but Labour and especially its left needs too because the fundamental task of the next few years is that we rise above the limitations having Ed as leader imposes on us and for the left, our task is to avoid being sunk with his leadership so we must shape and promote our own independent agenda. If we don’t we will go down when this leadership does and our fears about what will follow will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.


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4 responses to “Ed doesn’t get it but Labour needs too….”

  1. graham gillis says :

    Ed says; He is is not Blair or Brown, he is something, but he is not saying what that is.
    Left to my imagination he is the vulture leading the circling vultures.
    My ideas and my hard work, building my business, for my profit, creating employment and collecting tax for a government. This is what he has his eyes on. Cameron doesn’t get it; he is the same.
    You serve us badly waiting to feed. You don’t rule us, you leave a landscape of bare bones.


  2. Kieran Gormley says :

    I do agree with you on Milliband’s lack of strength of character. I do believe we must stand united behind him as leader, while at the same time fighting for a Socialist alternative. The sad fact is Labour will never elect a left wing leader, no matter how much we want it to happen it won’t. The best we can hope for is for left wingers to get in the Labour cabinet. Personally I would like Yvette Cooper to be given a chance as leader, the fact she is a woman will give us the female vote it happened in the 80’s with Thatcher. (although female is a term I use loosely to describe that creature of evil !!)
    The most important thing right now is to kick this Tory/ Lib Dem alliance out, get Labour back in, love or loath the leader a Labour government is imperative.
    Finally I also see good left wingers working for the Socialist party, we must try to get them back into the fold. The more left wingers there are in the party the more of a say we have. To use a quote let’s give Tony Benn his party back.


  3. darrellgoodliffe says :


    Any chance in English?


    Sorry but since as far as I am concerned Ed is a huge barrier to us doing what you want I cant agree.

    The man Mason here is on the money….



  4. graham gillis says :

    In English; Politicians ask me to employ them to administer my Local Council, National Administration and European Government.
    European Government is an undemocratic, unnecessary layer of authority, hindering my country’s trade and interaction with the rest of the world.
    Lab-Con don’t want a National Government and deny me my right to choose who rules my country.
    Labour fail to grasp basic economic principles and have put my children and my children’s children into debt. Your leadership shows no sign of offering any solutions, preferring to pretend the problems don’t exist, or are someone else’s fault.
    Ed Milliband and Labour offer only poor administration. What people will vote, for and more importantly work hard for, is good National Government.


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