Clueless Conservatives have no idea what to do…..

So, the Conservative conference is up and running and anybody expecting a big, bold vision of where Britain should go is already looking likely to be badly disappointed. Anybody who was worried that they might also start to look like they have a clue on the economy can also rest easy. Look at David Cameron’s extension of the ‘right to buy’ scheme. According to Cameron this is just what the doctor ordered to “fire up the British economy”.

Obviously he has totally forgotten that one of the underpinning causes of the current crisis is precisely pushing the ‘right to buy’ and in the US the now infamous truckload of sub-prime loans the banks made. You see, the problem is its all very well giving working class people the incentive to own their own property but if your other economic policies lead to serious wage depression then your just asking for the growth of a mammoth debt bubble which will, sooner or later, go pop all over your face.

Since price inflation is now sky-rocketing and wages are more depressed than your average Bolton Wanders supporter I am probably going to have to come out and say encouraging more people, who patently cant afford it, into home ownership and debt is a bad thing. Notice how Cameron justifies this package:

He stressed that the government “isn’t just sitting back” in terms of boosting growth as he laid out a package of measures on housing which he said could together provide 200,000 extra homes, create 400,000 extra jobs and give young people the chance to buy their own homes.

It ‘could’ but the odds are, given the above, it probably ‘wont’, wouldn’t you say? Wait, I hear you say, Council Tax is being frozen again. Well whoop-de-doo; there is absolutely no point freezing Council Tax when, in the next breath, you ramp up VAT (and, amoung other things, energy bills) to 20%. Also, haven’t they taken the hint that they did this some time ago and the economy still isn’t growing?

Meanwhile, BoJo is busy cooking-up a law against swearing at the police – a idea which even Daily Mail journalists seemto find distasteful if the Radio 5 dsicussion on the topic is anything to go by. Theresa May has declared she wants to do away with the Human Rights Act. Shock! Horror! She’s only been saying that ever since she assumed office, I bet in her dreams she does it too, however it remains to be seen how much the lurid fantasies of Ms May intrude on the real world.

All of this adds up to a governing Party that simply hasn’t got a clue what its doing. Indeed, when your big idea is the ‘Big Soceity’ then that is probably a hint your in a little trouble. I know alot of Labour people are worried about our lack of a narrative, of concrete policy, I think we should be, but we should also remember we are the opposition and when you look at what the government has to offer its pretty fair to say they have as little, if not less, clue of where they are going than we do. If I was Britain I would afraid, very afraid watching events unfold this week….


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3 responses to “Clueless Conservatives have no idea what to do…..”

  1. graham gillis says :

    Noddy does the economy again,
    when did you last try to get a mortgage?
    I wish Little Ted would get asked on TV if we should have a referendum on the EU.
    That would give UKIP loads more Labour votes.
    If he tries to tell the truth, his brain will explode.
    Mong goo all over the camera .


  2. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Well I dont think people like me should be encouraged to own their own home at all – co-operative housing is the best way forward


  3. graham gillis says :


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