The very flawed David Cameron….

Don’t worry about Ed, people say to me, look at David Cameron – he had a slow start and came good. The major problem with this is that Cameron hasn’t come that good at all. Look at the election, he was facing a Labour government which had been in office a long time and it showed – neither it, nor its leader, Gordon Brown were as actively despised and John Major’s Conservatives were in 1997 but enough latent bad feeling existed to surely guaranteed the Conservatives a small, workable majority.

Instead, however, of sweeping all before him, Cameron limped into Number 10 Downing Street with the assistance of their neither Liberal nor Democratic crutch. He won just 36% of the vote which is almost exactly what Tony Blair achieved at the absolute nadir of his popularity in 2005. In government, Cameron initially benefited from the added luster of not being Gordon Brown. However, his judgment was soon rapidly called into question by the Andy Coulson affair. During the riots he displayed a shocking aloofness and insensitivity by refusing to return and instead posing for a picture with a Tuscan waitress while London burnt.

Now, it looks likely he will be forced to sack Dr Liam Fox in Defence. If this happens on Monday when he is now demanding the interim report into Fox’s conduct it will come barely 48 hours after he gave him the dreaded ‘vote of confidence’. Although performance at Prime Ministers Question’s doesn’t really matter to anybody but politico’s – it’s worth noting that Cameron’s performance there is often flakey as well – he shows a poor grasp of the details and is frequently provoked into obviously agitated remarks which make him look arrogant. It’s probably a good thing for him not many watch because if they did his approval ratings would probably be even lower.

In short, to say Cameron is over-rated is an understatement to say the least. He has been fortunate in the people who have opposed him (and, in the case of a stumbling Ed Miliband and a tainted Nick Clegg remains so) but has hardly swept all before him. So, before you say David Cameron is an example of how Ed Miliband can turn it around – I suggest you think again.


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5 responses to “The very flawed David Cameron….”

  1. Bill Chapman says :

    Some of the criticism of Liam Fox is based on homophobia, I think. I hope that Liam Fox is sacked by Mr Cameron for his misdemeanours rather than for his sexuality.


  2. graham gillis says :

    Dr Liam Fox is considered to be staunchly Eurosceptic and opposed to European defence integration as well as European political integration. He is opposed to the European Commission having any role in defence policy. He believes that the European Security and Defence Policy duplicates and takes away scarce national resources from NATO. He specifically opposes the defence provisions in the Lisbon Treaty.


  3. darrellgoodliffe says :


    I agree – he clearly should be sacked in my eyes but that is because he has abused his privelege, position and the public purse – his sexuality has nothing to do with this and it should not.


    And? Are you saying its ok to be corrupt as long as your a Eurosceptic?


  4. graham gillis says :

    Corruption involving Fox is unproven.
    Corruption is not acceptable in any circumstances.
    Con are open in trying to remove MP’s from government who will not be Euro-Poodles.
    Ms Small can bare witness first hand.
    “I left the Conservative party as I had lost the fight for an In or Out referendum on Europe,”
    “I voted for David Cameron as leader as he was sold to the membership as the most Eurosceptic leader we would have.
    “Once selected his narrative died and now as PM he believes we are better off in Europe.
    “It has been made quite plain by by Conservative Central office that candidates with my views will not be tolerated and those MPs who share my views are mercilessly bullied by the whips.”

    She added that UKIP was ‘flourishing’.


  5. darrellgoodliffe says :

    Fox is either corrupt or very, very stupid – either way he isn’t fit to be in the position he is. That is also utter rubbish – Cameron is clinging onto him for dear life.


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